Haircare Advice

Joseph Kellner Advice For Dry Brittle Hair!

To Much hairspray and gel will dry your hair out and give you dry brittle hair. Many gels contain alcohol so use with care! Especially if your hair is already dry! Use alcohol free hair gels only.

If you are using any chemicals in your hair, stop using them until your hair textureimproves. Too many chemicals can dry out your hair by raising the hair cuticle and making it weak and susceptible to breakage. When your cuticle is raised, dryness can set in. The only way to get the cuticle to lay down is to deep condition your hair or cut it off and start over.

A good moisturizing leave in conditioner helps dry hair too.  Thats why I like to recommend Kalea Rose –  Dry Re-balancing treatment.  It Revitalizes damaged and distressed hair with  soothing botanicals and antioxidants. Great for overworked, chemically treated & over processed hair.   This product can be applied to towel dried hair and smoothed on the mid hair shaft and end. Wrap a warm towel around the hair and let it sit for about a hour, rinse out and style.  I would also suggest that you get a trim on a more scheduled basis.

Please feel free to call Joseph Kellner for a haircare consultation. 407-421-5857

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