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The Real Hair Truth

This film is entitled The Real Hair Truth”. In this Documentary, I try to give a basic understanding about the individuals interviewed and a very brief history of their professional careers. Why do these individuals want to succeed and what makes them climb to the top of their Professional and personal lives? What are the basic fundamentals needed to pursue someones dreams? Why do so many people give up when they are so close to achieving? I myself will stress Education, Perseverance, Dedication, and Ambition in my section of the Documentary. Salon Commission vs Booth Rental, Internet Marketing, Advanced Education, Retail Selling, Photo-shoots, Hair Shows, Manufactures, Distributorships, Goals are topics reached in this film. And also talking about the PRO’S and CON’S of the so called beauty industry. This documentary is a tool for new and seasoned stylists within our profession. Jotovi Designs Inc is a Non-Profit Organization for the professional hairdresser, makeup artist giving scholarships for advanced education, books, tools, websites to further there careers. This is a great way to motivate others and to give back to your profession. So many individuals within our industry are overlooked. The film is priced at $15.00.

Click On This Link To Purchase The Film The Real Hair Truth

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