Joe Blasco Makeup

Since I started my makeup career Joe Blasco was were I started. I studied editorial, runway makeup application. There products are very good but you really need to use them in the proper way. This product is really theatrical makeup, but can be used for everyday and also evening looks. Setting the product is also very important when using this brand, very important. And using to much in your applications will give you a pancake type look. The product is to be used sparingly. Especially with the foundations.

In this photo-shoot I used Chianti Lip Pencil as the full coverage for the lips. The pencil can be used as a liner or for full coverage. It is a very moist liner and locking in the product is also very important. I like to use a translucent powder for this purpose. The colors are very, very vivid. So if you do not lock in the product it will move.

The makeup line is very good to use. You can find the Joe Blasco store and place your orders. Some of the products are dated such as the 1980’s to now so choose wisely. Joe Blasco lip pencils are available in a soft formula’s or theatrical. Which can be used for either full lip coloring or lip lining. The cost of this pencil was $20.00. Also remember when the product is set it will hold well and not move.

Matte Finish Fini Spray

Makeup setting spray is very important when doing editorial, weddings, outside photography. If you are on a schedule you really don’t have time to touch-up makeup other than lipstick and mascara fly away”s. I have used MAC FIX +STAY which is a very good product. And I normally rely on MAC products. But I thought I would try NYX FINI MAT Spray. The product dried the makeup almost instantly and sett in place during the whole photo-shoot. Amazing. The model above said she had no problem removing the product. Matte Finish Setting Spray is a breathable formula that controls shine perfect for oily skin types. The product helps keep your makeup in place for up to 16 hours. This lightweight, water-based setting spray contains niacin amide. And upon spraying it will set your makeup instantly matte, and light-weight.