You can never have enough in the salon or for photo shoots

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In my salon or during a photo shoot there are a lot of hair sprays, gels, cremes or makeup to have on supply but you can never have enough of the necessities. Here are a list of must have for you editorial work in the salon or in your makeup kit.


Use a gentle face tissue such as Kleenex Ultra Soft Tissues that won’t rub the skin or cause irritation for makeup touch ups. For mascara that runs or a shiny nose, a folded tissue pressed against the skin (no rubbing!) will remove the problem without causing more in its wake. Also too much lipstick here you go!

Joseph Kellner

Gotta have the wet ones for hands and removal of makeup for those in a hurry situations. I like to place makeup on the back of my hand to see tone and depth, the wet ones will remove the stains immediately.


Well I swear by these so the name speaks for itself. Very reliable makeup remover. These cleansing towelettes dissolve all traces of dirt, oil, and makeup—even waterproof mascara. Plus, they leave skin feeling soft and conditioned with a blend of replenishing hydra-tors and skin-soothing cucumber and aloe extracts.


Adding fake eyelashes is made easy with this Ardelle duo eyelash adhesive. Its designed for use with Ardelle eyelashes. This waterproof eyelash adhesive dries quickly and keeps your lashes in place all day long. It goes on clear and remains invisible. This eyelash adhesive can be removed easily with makeup remover.


If you forget your makeup brush’s these little guys will surely fit the bill. As a tool for makeup applications. With pointed tips specially designed for makeup touch-ups and cleanups.

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