What About Deep Conditioning?

There is one exception, and it turns out that the best product for your hair costs $10 and is something you add to your food, and ethinic women love to use on their scalp and hair. Coconut Oil.  Your basic coconut oil, as it turns out, has just the right size and structure that it can penetrate into the cortex.  And therefore it can protect hair from the inside out. Good stuff everyone!

One of the most damaging things for hair is a simple wash and dry it because the water swells the hair and messes up the cuticle. Coconut oil prevents water from absorbing into the hair and so reduces the swelling damage. You may often get.

Common sense says that blow-drying is worse, for obvious reasons. It’s a lot of heat right next to your hair. I agree that air-drying is preferable to blow-drying, but I also say that air-drying itself can also cause harm. So either way it gets you.

There’s not a lot of data on this, but some think that air-drying damages hair because the hair remains wet for a longer period of time. That means more time for the water to swell inside the hair and mess up the cuticle. The longer the hair is wet, the more damage happens. But since hair needs to dry somehow, it’s still better to go for the one that doesn’t involve thousands of watts of energy right next to the cuticle.

Protein treatments are a mixed bag. They’re partly a marketing story, because you can’t actually repair damaged hair just by pouring on more protein. The protein doesn’t also get integrated into the hair structure itself to make it thicker, I find out when I use them in the salon it will dry out the hair. And if used to often it will break the hair. Damaged hair needs to be cut off!

To be clear, “purple shampoo” and “color-protecting shampoo” are different things. “Purple shampoo” is for bleached-blonde hair and it works because the purple tones even out the blonde color and keep it from turning orange.  But can also give the hair a grey cast to it and really dull it out. I like to use just shampoo and baking soda to keep out the discoloration you get in very light blond hair. It cleans it well.

But “color-protecting” doesn’t do much. The reason the color continues to shift is because the chemical reaction isn’t perfect for every molecule.  There will be some bigger color molecules, some little pieces, some will wash out, some will not — and that’s why your color will change and fade over time. Most color-protecting products don’t actually keep the color chemicals in the hair any longer. They don’t do much other than provide good conditioning. Which is very important with color treated hair.

Kinactif Energy Shampoo and Energy Mask Thumbs Up!

Joseph Kellner Salon

I have never “BANKED” my whole attention to produce my work on one product line, hair color line or tool line.  I have always taken what I feel is the best of what will work for me to produce what I am looking for or trying to achieve. Especially doing a lot of print and film work. When I am starting a clients hair, I like to start off with clean hair. Very clean. I am not one for additives, or mumbo jumbo in the product.  Just clean hair.  Simple.

Joseph Kellner Salon

I was given a package from Gary Call from his distributorship and it was filled with products, hair color etc. This was given to me and I thank them.  I like to test all my product before I decide what I will bring into my studio. The first product was the KINSTYLE GELLIN excellent product, excellent! The next that I am going to write about is the Energy Shampoo which is made for fine hair. Well it works fine for me for men, color treated, and over proceed hair. Just a nice cleaning this product will give. All Around I have used it on all types of textures. It cleans well and the scent is not over powering. I have given to my swimmers and they have given me a thumbs up.  Now it was made for fine hair to give volume and that it does. Which was used on my client photographed above Linda. She has fine hair and her reply to the product was a thumbs up.



A lot of women in Florida do not like too much perfumes in their hair , I guess they save it for there Gucci Perfumes.  Just a nice clean aroma. That’s it.  Energy Mask is also a thumbs up.  Just a quarter size is all you need for the mid shaft and ends. And yes my hair color client also used it for a leave-in treatment.  For over 30 minutes. A nice balsam feel to it and a nice creamy texture.  Which also leaves the hair tangle free.  And I will go further as to say I have blown dried the hair with a dime size of the product, leaving the hair soft.  A good blowing product.  Doing a lot of hair color I have used it as a barrier when rinsing out deeper hair color tones on blonde hair, so not to effect the blondest blonde pieces. Which I feel is good to give the hair that is non-tinted a treatment while my color processing is completing.   Thumbs up to both products.   Thank you very much for the package.

Bella!  Bella!