Styling Tools are Important!

Doing a good hair color and hair design and giving the client their own look is hard enough in the salon. But giving a good finish is also important. Hair styling tool are important you have a choice of sleek, curls, waves, fullness for deciding the finished look to the model.  It is very good to invest in the best tools you can possibly have to work with. Sometimes the latest and greatest is not always the best choice, manufacturers will copy others in their field and add-on gimmicks that the tools will do this and that. When I do my finish work in the salon or on set, I highly recommend using a boar bristle brush for the finish work if you are looking for sleekest, straightest and or waves. There is a company in my industry who makes the best and I highly recommend this company.

These brushes are the best to have for your salon environment to get the Smoothest, Sleekest, Styling finishes! They will cost you at least $40.00 – $50.00 a brush but they are worth it. Professionally made and the handle has an excellent grip to it.  I highly recommend these brushes for you salon.   They can be used to set the hair while you are blow drying sections and this will give you a full body finish.  Excellent product!  The bristles are tightly weaved together on the stem of the brush. So using them as a roller set is quite easy.  Leaving the brush in the hair while you are styling is a no worry they will not need any clips and will stay in exact placement for you.  Love these tools!