There’s Something about her Hair

“A woman’s hair is her glory.”  The person who coined this particular phrase is a pure genius.  Whether it is an individual’s natural hair, relaxed hair, wigs, or hair extensions women take pride in the appearance of it.  Honestly, I can see why Rapunzel was reluctant to “let down her hair”  for the prince to step and to mount on. 

                There’s something about a woman’s hair that makes her exude all the confidence in the world.  Not just any ordinary look, it is the women with the most exotic and sleek hair- dos that make people pause and perform double takes when she walks into the room.  Think about it.  When was the last time you were in a public place and a woman entered the room with locks of hair or a do that made you breathless.  If you can describe her with two words instantaneously without her uttering a word; I can almost assure you that one of those qualities would scream confidence.  There’s something about that gorgeous hair- do.  It almost seems as if she floated into the room.  After staring so long, you find yourself perplexed about the hairstyle since you can’t figure out if it is a wig, hair extensions, or her natural hair.  Usually, it is the added human hair extensions or a wig that is so breathtaking because it’s arduous to digest how a simple hairstyle could have that same effect. 

                When you think about it, you can compare this episode to that homogeneous feeling you get when you meet a celebrity.  Think about your favorite female celebrity.  What are some of the things that seem to command your attention about her?  Honestly, is one of your answers-her hair?  There’s truly something about hair.  Coincidentally, this is why wigs and extensions are becoming such a world-wide trend for celebrities.  They get it.  Most celebrities understand that to portray that “character” that spark individuals’ attention everyday; they need that extra “umph.”  And it’s hair.  Some just need that extra push than others and the added hair seems to do it for them.  It’s almost like this extra high women get when they walk into a shoe store.  When you inhale the smell of those fabulous shoes, you get chills because you can’t wait to try on a pair that is going to make your feet look and you feel so sexy.  Shopping for hair or getting your hair all dolled up oozes the same feeling.  I bet you never thought about it, but there’s something about hair that speaks volumes.