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Change is good!

Hair is extremely emotional. It can take ages to choose and refine a hairstyle that suits your face shape, taste and wardrobe, and the mere thought of altering it may cause you to break out in hives. But there are many reasons to consider reevaluation your ‘do on a fairly regular basis. You CAN outgrow a once-perfect hairstyle. The “perfect” style that you nailed five years ago might not be as “perfect” now if your wardrobe, body or face has shifted. If you’re in college and have been sporting the same style since you were 16, you may look like you haven’t matured. If you’re in your fifties and have been sporting the same style since you were 40, your cut may age you. When people see the same coif without any tweaks, they may focus on how other aspects of you appearance have changed in comparison to your unchanged hairstyle.

Change can be for the better. If you don’t tinker with your hairstyle every so often, you’ll never know if an even better style is possible!  There’s a huge difference between “refining” and “changing.” Subtle change can be incredibly effective at keeping your look fresh. Add some layers, get a few highlights or lowlights, explore new updos, get some barrettes or headbands into rotation, add bangs, grow out your bangs, try a new product, add or change color, straighten or curl your locks a few times a week. It doesn’t have to be a complete overhaul, just a well-considered tweak.

Regularly re-examining your style is a valuable practice. Many of us evaluate our wardrobes and purge out the unnecessary items every SEASON. Forcing yourself to take a long, hard look at your hairstyle about once per year can be just as refreshing. When you stop seeing yourself, you run the risk of stifling your own style. Look often and look honestly at your gorgeous self, and make sure you’re doing your utmost to highlight your best features.

Hair is extremely emotional but — for the vast majority of us — it grows back. You get a tattoo, you’ve changed your appearance for life. You get a haircut, you’ve changed your appearance for about a month. Of course, it can feel like eons if you’re growing out a bad cut and you certainly have to deal with a less-than-perfect look and irritating workarounds in the meantime. But ceasing to explore your hairstyle options for fear of failure may mean you stick with one safe-feeling style your whole life long and never discover the better, easier, more flattering options that may be just a snip away. Re-evaluating and changing up your hairstyle is a relatively low-risk way to push your own boundaries and keep yourself looking fresh.

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Makeup needs to change for a haircolor change!

People who apply makeup professionally are called makeup artists. They deserve the title “artist,” because they play with colors to enhance and highlight your natural beauty, a hairdresser does the exact same. It is true that both makeup artists and hairdressers work off the same color wheel yet the makeup artist has an easier job when learning the trade because with a little cleanser and water the makeup comes off when it’s not a desired result, not so easy for the hairdresser .There are many theories on how to select your colors in makeup and hair and all have their own unique points. For me as a hair color specialist my theory is whether its makeup or hair color we need to apply both cool and warm tones on any individual, each compliments each other when placed correctly beside or on top of each other this is how we balance. The fact is; all human beings are made up of many tones; take for an example a pale (cool) skinned brunette (warm) with blue eyes (cool), she’s warm and cool just how Mother Nature made all of us. My beliefs is for all hairdressers and makeup artists to learn the most important basic fundamentals in each respectful domains, and both will realize makeup and hair color can draw ideas from each other, enhance and highlight the same features, eye color, skin tone, bone structure, hair because they both work off the universal color wheel.

I have had the honor of working with some of the world’s best and finest makeup artist and have learnt many things and tricks; makeup has been an insightful learning element in my career as a hair colorist. Makeup artists as well as a hairdresser sometimes use the same techniques (makeup layers and blends so does hair color. Now can you imagine you the consumers going to a hairdresser who offers you to finish your visit with a change of lip and or a blush color after your new or freshened up hair color, nice huh!.Still to this day I love working with makeup artists and doing a little makeup on my clients, after all if I am sending someone home after a change to their hair color with the same makeup they came in with truly my job isn’t finished and when makeup connects to hair color it works in harmony for the ultimate end result to achieve individual beauty. Talk with you client on ideas of makeup change for her new haircolor. This is a must!