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Hair Color in Orlando recommends coconut oil for color treated and damaged hair!

Haircolor in orlando

In my salon I deal with a lot of damaged hair and that type of hair needs to be treated before and after a corrective hair color process. I recommend a natural way of expediting the process instead of investing in a product that will not do anything made by a manufacturer and sells normally for $40-$50 dollars. And also these product’s are also chemicals that you are laying on top of damaged hair.  Since the start of history Coconut Oil has been tried and true. Since the Egyptians to the Greeks to Hollywood they have all used this method to had sheen, luster and conditioning to the hair.  A cost-effective way to bring back the health of the hair and make the elasticity come back within a few months.  Coconut oil, specifically virgin coconut oil, is a completely natural product  that is safe to use both internally and externally, and some believe it has  healing properties not found in other natural oils. Glands in your scalp produce  sebum, a natural oil required for healthy, strong hair. Sebum is a necessity for  hair growth and health. Coconut oil replenishes any lost oil to the hair  follicles and penetrates the hair’s shaft for deep moisturizing. Coconut oil is  a natural source of many vitamins and nutrients, which are used to seal in  moisture and coat the hair in a protecting layer to prevent lost moisture and  damage.  So if you are visiting me for a corrective hair color service, I will always recommend this all natural product.

Keeping your hair thoroughly moisturized is important in repairing and  preventing damage. Coconut works very much like a deep conditioner, restoring  natural oils and repairing existing damage. If your breakage is severe, a hot  coconut oil treatment treats split ends and other damage while replenishing lost  moisture and sealing the hair shaft to protect against further breakage. By  heating a clean towel in the dryer, you can turn coconut oil into an inexpensive  hot oil treatment and say goodbye to existing damage.

Hair color in orlando

Massaging coconut oil into your scalp not only feels wonderful, but also gives  you even better results. Massaging the scalp stimulates the hair’s glands and  increases blood flow to promote hair growth, and the coconut oil has the ability  to enter the hair follicle to replenish lost moisture. When applied directly to  the scalp, coconut oil is an all-natural treatment for scalp inflammations like  dandruff and psoriasis. Over-the-counter and prescription shampoos and creams  have adverse side effects, such as causing open scalp sores, damages to the hair  itself and hair loss or slow hair growth.

To use coconut oil as a moisturizing treatment, work a few tablespoons into the  hair and scalp until both are completely saturated and leave on for 10 minutes.  For repairing and preventing damage, apply the coconut oil to your scalp and  hair then wrap your head in a heated towel. Leave the towel in place until it  completely cools down. With both the room temperature and hot oil treatments,  shampoo your hair afterwards to remove the oil. For scalp stimulation and  inflammation treatments, massage the coconut oil into your scalp for 10 minutes.  Allow the coconut oil to remain in place for an additional 20 minutes before  rinsing out and shampooing your hair, focusing on the scalp area. You may need  to shampoo your hair several times, specifically the root area, to remove excess  oil.

Hair color in orlando

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Haircolor Will Fade Out!

There is nothing more heartbreaking than dropping a wad of cash on a fabulous hair color service and then watching helplessly as your glorious hue fades quickly away. Is there anything you can do to prevent this fated fade-out from happening?  Yes, there are several tricks and tips that will help extend the life of your color. 

Hair treatments such as perms, relaxers or straighteners may damage the hair hue.  In some cases the use of chemical texture treatments may cause color treated tresses to become brittle, spongy or break off. Perms may also affect hair color, and re-coloring the hair after a perm, if appropriate may be necessary.

Hair Color Glosses can be semi-permanent when applied with heat or temporary without heat.  They are considered a very healthy way to extend hair color, tone down intense colors or help to modify color on hair that is porous. Semi-permanent glazes that provide a slight change of color that lasts from two to six weeks. They give hair shine and body and are usually activated by heat. Many hair colorists may offer to apply a clear color gloss or foil over newly colored hair to extend the life of the treatment.  These glosses not only help to seal the newly colored hair’s cuticle, but also help stretch its life.

Up the amount of water or liquid you drink, right after your last color treatment.  This will help keep the roots moisturized and prevent strands from drying out.  A side advantage is that your skin will also benefit from the added hydration.

Have Hair Cut Right Before Not After Color Service. How many times did you get glorious highlights applied only to watch them be snipped off at your next trim?  With some careful planning you can have a color service or apply color at home right after a cut so your beautiful new hues do not land on the salon floor.

When using a blowdryer, flat iron, or curling iron always use a aerosal hair spray for protection from the heat of the styling tools. This can also be a added advantage by holding the curl or the set from these professional tools.

Where a hat when at the beach, and pin up the hair if you are going to go swimming in a pool or the ocean. A water purifier on the shower head is a must, this will clean out any irons, or chemicals placed in the water you use at home.