Naples Soap Shampoo and Conditioning Bars

I have a hair color client who recommended this product to me. She has fine highlighted hair and finds that even the salon recommended products fade her hair-coloring. She uses the bar shampoo and conditioner for her hair maintenance. Founded in 2009, Naples Soap Company has been helping people with sensitive skin by providing a premium collection of skin and hair care products that are made in the USA with high-quality, natural ingredients. The Company operates retail stores along Florida’s west coast including Naples, Estero, Fort Myers, Sanibel Island, Punta Gorda, Lakewood Ranch, Destin and St. Petersburg, as well as Mount Dora.

The soap I used was for men and it was the Boyfriend Conditioner Bar. It was very creamy and the conditioner bar was wonderful. It is lightly scented and leaves the hair for me dry. That is why they recommended the conditioning bar. It did the job for me. And feeling my clients hair, it leaves it silky and the sheen is great.

She leaves a little of the conditioning bar in the hair hair for blow drying and it felt amazing. Very good product. Hydrates, softens and revitalizes your hair from roots to tips with our no-waste conditioner bar. Natural ingredients like cocoa butter and jojoba oil help nourish all hair types, including color-treated hair. Each pH balanced bar lasts 50-75 washes. This bar I recommend as a everyday men’s product. A uniquely unisex scent that combines woodsy notes like oak, amber and musk with lime.

Corrective Hair Color 2023

When you are dealing with a new client and they book a appointment for corrective hair coloring, a lot of questions need to be asked. The telephone brought me to a new client asking if I had the proper hair color she uses. And I told her yes. She went to a salon to get her color done and they did not have the color line she uses, but would have no problem matching it with there line of hair color. And she went to have a touch up done on her root color and “guess what”. They did not achieve the color she wanted at all.

When a new client comes to me consultation is very important. And having there color formula will also be a great help. If I don’t have the color brand she is used to having. I will purchase it and make the appointment for the following week. I will never use the line I have just to make a sale. Spend the time to consult with your new hairdresser and explain what you want and were you are getting too in terms of level of hair color. Whether it be dark, medium, or light make sure you bring old pictures of the hair color with you. That helps out a whole lot. But most of all condition and porosity of the hair is key for me. If it is damaged from over-excess hair coloring or thermal ironing then we will have a problem with the final outcome.

Discuss pricing and what will the up-keep be for the service. Also I like to discuss hair care for the client. That is really important. Basically shampoo’s and conditioner store bought are way to aggressive on today’s hair dyes. And I will recommend how often they will need to come in for servicing and also pricing. Make sure you have a good consultation with your new hairdresser. I went ahead and booked a appointment for them for the next two weeks to fix the new-growth hair color.