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What About Deep Conditioning?

There is one exception, and it turns out that the best product for your hair costs $10 and is something you add to your food, and ethinic women love to use on their scalp and hair. Coconut Oil.  Your basic coconut oil, as it turns out, has just the right size and structure that it can penetrate into the cortex.  And therefore it can protect hair from the inside out. Good stuff everyone!

One of the most damaging things for hair is a simple wash and dry it because the water swells the hair and messes up the cuticle. Coconut oil prevents water from absorbing into the hair and so reduces the swelling damage. You may often get.

Common sense says that blow-drying is worse, for obvious reasons. It’s a lot of heat right next to your hair. I agree that air-drying is preferable to blow-drying, but I also say that air-drying itself can also cause harm. So either way it gets you.

There’s not a lot of data on this, but some think that air-drying damages hair because the hair remains wet for a longer period of time. That means more time for the water to swell inside the hair and mess up the cuticle. The longer the hair is wet, the more damage happens. But since hair needs to dry somehow, it’s still better to go for the one that doesn’t involve thousands of watts of energy right next to the cuticle.

Protein treatments are a mixed bag. They’re partly a marketing story, because you can’t actually repair damaged hair just by pouring on more protein. The protein doesn’t also get integrated into the hair structure itself to make it thicker, I find out when I use them in the salon it will dry out the hair. And if used to often it will break the hair. Damaged hair needs to be cut off!

To be clear, “purple shampoo” and “color-protecting shampoo” are different things. “Purple shampoo” is for bleached-blonde hair and it works because the purple tones even out the blonde color and keep it from turning orange.  But can also give the hair a grey cast to it and really dull it out. I like to use just shampoo and baking soda to keep out the discoloration you get in very light blond hair. It cleans it well.

But “color-protecting” doesn’t do much. The reason the color continues to shift is because the chemical reaction isn’t perfect for every molecule.  There will be some bigger color molecules, some little pieces, some will wash out, some will not — and that’s why your color will change and fade over time. Most color-protecting products don’t actually keep the color chemicals in the hair any longer. They don’t do much other than provide good conditioning. Which is very important with color treated hair.

Haircare Advice, Haircolor Advice, Haircolor and Makeup Advice

Schwarzkopf Gliss Hair Repair Good Stuff

Joseph Kellner

Hair may lose its luster due to various conditions. Stress, vitamin deficiency, hard water or UV rays are causes for dull looking hair and so is improper hair care and styling. Only healthy hair with smooth outer cuticles will reflect light. It is this light reflection to which hair owes its deep shine. Shampoo can help restore this shine, especially specific shampoos for shiny hair. Stress and structural deficiencies or damage to the cuticles will dull the natural luster of hair.

Joseph Kellner

I have used the GLISS Shampoo for the last thirty days and have only good reviews for the product. It works well on color treated hair and also non colored treated hair. The product has a lovely scent to it. And there is tons of lathering from the shampoo. I use it on a daily basis. The conditioner is also well to use, giving  the hair a soft feeling and no waxy finish after rinsing. It also makes combing out the hair a lot easier than other shampoo’s. It also works well on colored treated hair. Without adding any fading to the hair color. Basically shampoo is just a soap to clean the scalp and I don’t see any build up from the product on my scalp or my clients either. Condition is also a cleanser for the hair which should be put on the shaft to ends of the hair. To much conditioner on the scalp will cause a greasy feeling and will be harder to blow out. Just apply to mid shaft and work through and rinse. Excellent !!!

But if you want added conditioning to the hair, leave on longer for a added luster.

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Joseph Kellner Recommends Beyond Smooth™ Frizz Immunity Primer

Joseph Kellner Salon and Makeup.

I love to try out new products, especially on the commercial sector of cosmetic products. And I will give a thumbs up to  Beyond Smooth by John Frieda. Just a small amount for long hair is needed, wash and condition the hair apply your Beyond Smooth and blow dry.  I Normally use a quarter size for long hair and a nickel size for medium length hair. Wash and condition the hair apply your product and comb through the hair. Continue with your blow styling. Wonderful product for the hair. and also a lovely scent. The is not a greasy product or will not weigh down the hair. Lovely to work with!  My finished product for the customer is a very smooth feel with no fly away hairs.  Excellent for blow drying and also setting the hair.

Makeup Artist in Orlando Joseph Kellner.

  • The perfect foundation for frizz-free styles.
  • Provides smoother hair with continued use for easier styling & more manageable hair.
  • Non-silicone formula, with Pure Coconut Oil & Frizz Immunity Complex, works from the inside- out, eliminating frizz at the source for added control and manageability.




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Prepare The Hair Before A Photo Shoot!

Having the best condition of the hair and skin for a photo-shoot is very important. I always say if you want to learn how to correct your makeup applications and hair color placement setting up a photo shoot with your clients is the best way to learn. Feel free to do the hair color before the shoot, I recommend to do the service 2-3 days before and make sure you have trimmed the hair. The day of the shoot will be just a shampoo maybe a hair color glazing and the setting of the style for the photo shoot. I don’t like to use a conditioner for the day of the shoot it will make the hair too smooth and will also stop from holding a style. Just a few pumps of a leave in conditioner in the hair will do the trick for you. Also if the hair is long and fine a good volumizer will also do the trick to dirty up the hair. Its funny you will clean the hair then after you are done you have to dirty up the hair to get it to hold a style for the photo shoot.  I like to curl the hair a lot for my shoots and I will set the hair in heat rollers or curl the hair and then set each curl in a pin curl then proceed with the makeup application.  After I set the hair I also like to use plastic hair pins so they don’t leave a mark in the hair. And then I Spray, Spray, Spray the hair with a workable aerosol hair spray. I feel the pump sprays come out too gummy. After the makeup I will loosely take down each curl and then tousle the hair and spray again. Not using a brush or comb is key here. You want to keep the curl. Once you have achieved the look you want use a beach spray to texture the hair up and give it more volume. And there you go!

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Ten Things You Should Know About Hair Color and More!

haircolorinorlando.comI got a phone call this week from someone interested if she could make an appointment with me for corrective hair coloring.  The customer said she has been everywhere and no one can get her hair color right. She complained about the stylist would not rinse out all of the hair color, it turned red, and to my surprise she paid for it. Strange. Can you fix it she asked me. I said I cannot see what your hair is like over the phone, but please if you like make an appointment. OK she says I will call back. STRANGE.

  1. Hair color is not permanent it is artificial, tone lasts 4-6 weeks and then it fades.
  2.  Don’t pay for a hair color service if you are not happy.
  3.  Always make sure you and your stylist/Colorist are on the same page, Consultation!
  4. Well water will fade out artificial hair coloring faster than when you have regular running water.
  5. Never use protein on Blonde hair, it will dry it out!
  6. Coconut oil and Almond oil is the best treatment for degraded hair.
  7.  When you change your hair color, change your makeup.
  8.  Change your hair color every season, and if you have blonde hair change the tones of it as well.
  9.  Experiment, Experiment with hair colors. Don’t look like your next door neighbor or soccer MOM.
  10. If you have dark brown hair and you are greying, use some mascara to touch up around the hair-line for important functions.
  11.  With pale skin always keep lighter shade of color around the face.
  12. Toning shampoo’s don’t work the product goes down the drain.
  13. Conditioners with slight hair color stains work, be careful if you have blonde hair.
  14. Use an aerosol hair spray before flat-ironing or curling your hair.
  15.  If your hair is fine, dirty it up with some hair spray before curing and using hot rollers. The curl will take better to dirty hair.
  16. Gloss treatments are the best way to get incredible shine and boos.
  17.  Don’t over use conditioner. Conditioner is a cleaning agent just like shampoo. Too much will weigh the hair down.
  18. Make sure you are ready for a color or style change. Never do it on the fly you will regret it!
  19.  Find the right color and style for your self, never go with trends.
  20. Don’t ask for a change and only let the hairdresser take off a centimeter.
  21. Clean your makeup brush’s every week.
  22. Use a toner if you have oily skin before applying your foundation.
  23.  Learn to style your hair differently.
  24.  Pick up a brush and try styling your hair, then put some makeup on PLEASE!
  25.  Tip your hairdresser generously especially during the holidays, never ever leave without TIPPING!



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Herbal Essences Shampoo’s Pack All There Flavors For The Beach!

Haircolorinorlando.comIf you are on vacation or going out to the beach one product I will recommend is Herbal Essences Moisturizing Shampoos and Conditioners.  This is a must for your beach bag. The product is safe on color treated and normal hair.  Ditch the damage.  Herbal Essences  super-rich, super-swirled shampoo for dry hair will De-Damage your hair for seriously smooth strands. go ahead, show damage who’s boss and let your locks drink up my creamy quencher with Shea extract and a fantastically fruity burst of berry crush fragrance. want to load up on lushness? use me with my De-Damage boost conditioner.  The shampoo is very thick and it lathers up very nicely and leaves my hair feeling super clean and also a lovely scent! Kiss damage good-bye and let my moisturizing conditioner drench dry or damaged hair with loads of lush hydration. my rich conditioner with a splash of Shea butter extract helps repair damage to smoothness so you can rock the silky style you love. even better, it scents hair with a kiss of berry crush fragrance.  Works great on my thick, course hair.

Haircolorinorlando.comHands down everyone a affordable product and a very affordable price.  I have used a lot of brands during my 30, years in the beauty industry and this is a thumbs up from me. I have also not seen any chemical fadage from this product on color treated hair.  So if you are the type to spend your whole wallet on your hair color, then this product will be fine. I also recommend leaving a small amount of the conditioner on the hair to comb out and also to blow dry the hair. And also remember when you are going to the beach always remember to wear a hat especially for chemically treated hair.  Protection from the sun. and the environment.

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Joseph Kellner Victoria’s Secret Hair Care Review.

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I have my own preference on what will work for me in the salon and also for Photo shoots. And there are not too many brands that will do the same in the salon and outside. Mainly because of the difference in temperature especially in Florida. I am not a fan of professional water downed products that at one time did what it said it did. But now they are owned by many of the major beauty houses and the products no longer do what they do anymore. So I decided to try the Victoria’s Secret brand of Hair Care. Well I put it to the test and it came out with flying colors.  Beautiful scent of crushed leaves, freesia and water hyacinth.

 Victoria's Secret Hair Ultimate Hairspray Victoria’s Secret Ultimate Hair Spray – Marathon hold, maximum frizz control, brilliant shine—it’s the Supermodel way to flawless, ultra sexy style. This is great for curling the hair and also for flat ironing the hair. It has a lovely scent and is a very workable product.  Also when you are on set it is a liver saver for fly away hairs, you know the ones that have to be edited out of the photo.  The cost of the product is very affordable also.  Not only for the consumer but also for the consumer.  This is a hands winner!

Leave-in Conditioner

Victoria’s Secret Live-in Conditioner –  Say hello to soft, shiny style with a lightweight conditioner that detangles and quenches dry, parched hair and eliminates frizz and fly away hairs. Very good for blow drying the hair and it also has a very light scent to the product like crushed leaves, freesia and water hyacinth. It easily combs out  super thick wavy hair and I like to use it for swimming pool photo’s for a slicked back look.  I have also used it by itself for blow drying. Hands a winner for me.  Lovely for the salon and also on set.

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