Best Hairstyles By Body Type: Tall, Petite, Curvy or Busty!

Tall & Thin? Don’t Go Too Short

Very tall women risk looking like pinheads if they get a super short hairstyle. Leave the boy cuts to the pixie girls (think Wynona Ryder, French actress Audrey Tatou, Natalie Portman, Mia Farrow in Rosemary’s Baby).

A Do for Tall, Slender Women: Anything Else Goes

When you’re super tall, chin-length or longer is more feminine than short hairstyles. A hot look for you are soft, shoulder-length waves.

Cute & Petite? Don’t Let Hair Get Too Long

Super long hair can dwarf a tiny body. You risk appearing like one of those pageant kids. You know the ones? The 8-year-olds with extensions?

A Do for Petite Girls: Sleek & Sophisticated

You won’t be mistaken for a 12-year-old if you keep your hairstyle sleek and sophisticated. Bobs are super flattering, just be careful not to go too short or you’ll risk looking too boyish.

Got Curves? Don’t Go Long & Straight

Straight hair only accentuates a curvy body. It’s like an arrow pointing straight down to your hips.

A Curvy Girl ‘Do: Long & Wavy

A better look for curvy girls is long, wavy or curly hair. It balances out the curves in your body.

Boyish Figure: Don’t Go Too Short

For women without curves, you’ll look more masculine with super short hair.


No Curves? Grow Hair Below Your Chin

I suggest keeping hair below your chin. Long, wavy or straight hair is a great look for you.

Got a Big Bust? Skip the Tight Updo

You’re proud of your girls and like to show them off. Good for you! Just don’t wear hair up in a sleek ‘do. Why? When hair is up and away from your face, your girls are on prominent display. They’re front and center.

A Do for Busty Girls: Long & Wavy

A sexier look is down and wavy. Bring attention to your hair, not your boobs. They shouldn’t be so front and center.

Long Face, Don’t Pull Hair Back

You don’t want to add height at the top of the head. If you want to pull hair back, do so without creating volume at the crown. Part hair sideways and sweep hair across the forehead.