Joseph Kellner Recommends, “Agadir™ Argan Oil Hair Treatment for all My Blow-Outs!”

Joseph Kellner Salon


In my salon styling the hair after a hair color is very important to me. I like a clean silky, shiny look to all of my finished looks on my clients. I also like to use the hair curling devices that are out now to the latest looks from the runway. But I also like to create my own. I feel the flat-iron look is so aged. So when I do my finished look on my clients and I just want sheen, and no body too the hair style. I like to use Argan Oil Hair Treatment, it is easy to use.  Just apply a quarter size to the hair and comb through. And continue to blow dry the hair. I will apply the product before the hair design to give me perfect sections for cutting. Excellent product for styling the hair and that is all you will need.  I believe in the saying, “Its all in the hair design”.  And you really don’t need a lot of styling products if the hair design is well executed. 

Joseph Kellner Salon


Argan Oil Hair Treatment Available at the Joseph Kellner Salon.

Hair Styles for Women with Straight Hair

To those who don’t have it, straight hair is enviable—it rarely frizzes, beautifully reflects light and is so simple to style (not to mention fairly versatile). So why do so many women with straight hair complain about their hair type?  Straight hair has a tendency to fall flat—fast. And when cut incorrectly, it can make you look like you have less of it. Pin straight hair has no forgiving factor so any mistake—bad angles, layers or bangs—will show in spades. This why the right (and perfect) cut is critical.  That right cut: a blunt style—or hair that’s cut straight across. Cutting blunt keeps the thickness and fullness of the hair, which is especially important with fine straight hair. Adding a few long layers is an option—it softens the lines and creates movement. Though too many can thin out the bottom and make the hair appear stringy.  Dry cutting with scissors is the preferred technique with this hair type because it creates strong, precise lines. You can see every move you’re making and feel the shape much better. If your hair is long, as noted, a blunt base is best with a sweeping or heavy-straight bang (a la Sandra Bullock at this year’s Golden Globes). For the sweeping style, the bang should start at the top point of the cheekbone and angle around the face, just touching the eyebrow to the other side. For a fuller bang, more hair is pulled forward and cut level. A few long, strategically placed layers around the face opens it up, adds movement and can make the cut more interesting and modern. With medium, or shoulder length, the Bob is best. Any variation will work—from a classic blunt to a more graduated style, where the hair is slightly longer in the front than the back. If your hair is fine, cut on the shorter side. “The longest you should go is about an inch or two past your shoulders, otherwise it will get weighed down and will be tough to add volume to when styling.”