Hair Color Before And After Part Two

Two weeks ago I made a blog on my model who is having hair color correction. The other day we went to work on the hair by adding low lights to the hair color to start giving it a fall color and added dimension. Which it lacked.  We added low lights to the hair which was in the level seven family and also added a ash color to complement it. We have finally cancelled out all of the yellow in her hair. The next appointment will be for highlights. To soften the dark root color.  I gave the client a bottle of Frost hair color toner to use every week. This will keep her hair color on mark and will stop all fading of it also.

This toner is used for pre-lightened hair. It’s a great hair product that won’t damage your hair! It actually restores the pH balance of your hair and makes it oh so soft. It improves the quality and shine of your hair while soothing your scalp all at the same time!!

Spice Up Your Brown Hair Color

It’s often said that brunettes have even more fun than blondes. If you’re getting a bit bored with your brown hair, though, you may be looking for a change. Here are some tips on how to liven up brown hair shades.

Add Highlights or Lowlights
One of the best ways to add texture and dimension to brown hair is to add highlights or lowlights. Whether you opt for honey blonde or vibrant red highlights or lowlights in a darker shade of brown, adding streaks to your hair can be a great way to liven up a mousy brown hair shade. Keep in mind that you can ask your stylist for thick chunky highlights or thin natural highlights.

Consider Going Darker or Lighter
There are many beautiful brown shades out there to choose from, so don’t feel like you are limited to just one! Coloring your hair lighter or darker can give you a fun new look. Whether you opt for a luscious shade of dark chocolate brown or a light golden brown, you will find plenty of brown hair shades to explore.If you’re thinking about coloring your hair, you may want to think about trying out a trendy shade. Caramel brown hair color can be an ideal option if you have an olive skin tone, like Jessica Alba, or a darker skin tone, like Beyoncé Knowles. Shades of mocha and bronze are also very “in” right now. If you are considering a reddish shade of brown, you may want to consider a shade of cherry chocolate brown.

Light Brown Hair Shades
If you have light brown hair, your best bet is to opt for blonde highlights. Although the general rule of thumb is to opt for highlights which are no more than two shades lighter than your base color, platinum or honey blonde highlights tend to look very natural on women with light brown hair color. Not into blonde highlights? Red highlights can also look beautiful on women with light brown hair shades.

Medium Brown Hair Shades
If you have medium brown hair color, you generally need to be careful about the color of highlights that you choose. It can be easy to misjudge what shade will look right on you, and platinum blonde highlights can look too dramatic. Shades of golden blonde and dark blonde can be ideal. If you have a medium chocolate brown hair color, light auburn highlights can also be a good option.

Darkest Brown Hair Shades
It can seem difficult to find highlight colors for darkest brown, or nearly black, hair shades. Shades like caramel brown and mocha are good alternatives to blonde and are ideal for lightening up. If you would prefer red highlights, consider a shade of copper or mahogany. Since darkest brown hair shades can be difficult to color over top of, it’s ideal to make an appointment with a hair stylist.