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Dove Men+Care Fortifying Styling Paste Is A Winner!

Haircolorinorlando.comDove Men+Care Fortifying Styling Paste is formulated with waxes and oils to sculpt hair but won’t leave it looking greasy, thin or flat. Infused with caffeine, this fortifying styling paste provides natural looking texture while keeping it smooth and stylish.  The paste holds up throughout the day even with my thin, dry hair. Hair remains workable, isn’t rigid at all like some gels are. Has a matte finish with a nice shimmer.  I use it for all my Photo shoot, just a little in the palm of your hands and that all your need.  There is no build up or flaking to the hair and scalp. And is easily washed out with only one shampoo. The paste holds up throughout the day, even with my thin, dry hair. Hair remains workable, isn’t rigid at all like some gels are. Has a matte finish with a nice shimmer.  I recommend this product for any bathroom grooming or for photo shoot, editorial or film work. Bravo!!!!


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Fly Away Hair Is Not Needed For Editorial Photo Shoots

2015 Joseph Kellner Photoshootseeded Foe Editorial Shoots2015 Joseph Kellner Photoshoots

When my customers leave the salon I like a nice clean smooth set for the hair. And also I prefer to have the curled hair at a photo shoot have no fly away hairs.  I have been using the Pureology Smooth Perfection Lightweight Smoothing Lotion for my blow outs in the salon and also for film and print work. And may I say it is outstanding to work with.  The product gives the hair a lovely sheen and also the hair is not weighed down with unneeded elixirs.  A simple product to use and very affordable to use in the salon. Pureology Smooth Perfection Smoothing Serum provides smoothness, frizz control and helps protect from heat-styling damage for normal to thick hair.

2015 Joseph Kellner Photoshoots I also recommend cock tailing the product with Smooth Perfection Intense Smoothing Cream for that very straight sleek look on frizzy long hair.  This anti-frizz cream smooths unwanted volume on even the most rebellious coarse hair. Either product you use is a win win for me in the salon and on set photo shoots.  Try out these products for your hair and see which one works for you. I recommend a quarter size on really thick long hair.  Make sure you comb thru the hair and make sections when you are blow drying the hair.  I get a very soft feel to my finish with either product I choose to use.  Enjoy Joseph Kellner Hairdresser/Makeup Artist In Orlando Florida

2015 Joseph Kellner Photoshoots