Which Shade Should I Get?


Which Shade Should I Get?  There are dozens of hues of blonde hair highlights available. The key to choosing the best shade isn’t just picking a pretty color: it needs to coordinate with your hair, skin, and eye color for a blended, natural look; ideally, more than one highlight shade should be used. Individuals who were born with blonde hair that darkened as they aged (which is natural) can look at old photographs their previous shades of blonde are superb choices for highlights. Individuals who have adopted blonde locks, however, need to take greater care in choosing the best highlight color.

For Your Eye Color. If you have chosen your blonde hair highlight color based on your hair color and skin tone, it will likely already match your eye color as well. As a double-check, note that individuals with very light eyes (blue or green) tend to have cool skin tones and should opt for paler highlight colors, while individuals with dark eyes can often choose richer shades.

For Your Skin Color.  Because highlights often frame the face, skin color is the most important factor when choosing an accent shade. The wrong highlight color can make your complexion appear too flushed, too pale, or just discolored.  For cool skin tones… Individuals with cool skin tones are frequently pale and do not tan easily. Their skin may have blue or gray undertones that are best highlighted and soothed by ash, beige, wheat, taupe, or other subtle highlights. For ruddy skin tones… Ruddy skin tones tend to have strong red undertones and blush easily. Individuals with ruddy tones should avoid red-based highlights that can accentuate their skin, but beige, gold, and honey brown shades are excellent options.  All models on this page where corrective hair color client’s. The brand of hair color used was Goldwell, various levels of reconditioning were implemented to achieve an exact hair color for these client’s. All the corrective color service’s where not completed in one salon visit. And normally in the field of corrective hair color numerous salon visits are needed

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