COLORLUSH DEMI GLOSS – Thumbs Up! By Pravana


Searching and searching for a new Demi-Permanent was no easy task. Using Goldwell Hair Color for the past 12 Years the PRICE is getting to expensive to hold anymore. But after looking and looking I have found a quit adequate product to work with and very affordable. ColorLush by Pravana.


My client was a level 5 with 50% Grey hair. Two inches of regrowth with level seven neutral base and highlights. All tonal quality has since dissipated. Especially in the Florida weather and the water we shower in artificial hair color will fade out. Starting within 2-3 weeks.  I started off with foiling the regrowth being careful not to exceed the line of regrowth. Then applying a low-light formula from ColorLush of 6n and 7c heavily low-lighting the hair with foils. The base color was also touched up with Redken 6nn. All the processing time was for 30 minutes. Shampooed and styled and here is the finality.

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A Rich and Luster of a Hair Color.



Goldwell hair color, high lights the Photo shoot!

Haircolorinorlando.comThis is our model Selah, she requested a lighter hair color for her photo shoot. Her natural base color is a level 7 neutral. We used Goldwell level 7gb for low lights and Goldwell Powder Lightener for her foil h. And we used a 10bg Colorance color glaze for the final highlights process. Her makeup was A Golden Tan 1 foundation using Joe Blasco Foundation, and MAC eye shadows, cheek color, blush,  and lip stick. The photo shoot came out wonderful her. Always use the best products for the hair and since Selah is a model she is in the salon a lot. So it is good to try not to overdo the hair color. Keeping good hygiene for the skin is also very important.  When you are finished doing the final preparation for the models make always take a photograph and check, check, check. Also with the hair, check for fly away hairs, try teasing and not so much hairspray. Keep the lip stick fresh through the photo shoot.

Check, Check all your work.