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In the modern world of hair coloring balayage has become the norm throughout the fashion industry, and cosmetic industry. There are still a generation or two left who prefer the foil highlight system of hair coloring. But now with the onset of hair painting, balayage this is not something new at all.  Though the younger generation thinks its new it is not. Balayage was introduced a long time ago since the 1920’s when a hairdresser just painted dimensions in their base color applications. During the 1920’s and throughout the 1940’s bleaching became the newest form of hair coloring. All over bleaching or hair painting on top of colors were being introduced in the cosmetic industry.

Such a new technique to complement a new color or refresh an older form of color placement. And basically that is all it is.  Recreating a beach look or a new form of regrowth. All is good and the customers love it!  Finding the right products to use is an endeavor in itself. You are merely fighting the air around you to keep the hair color processing. Keeping the hair color product moist is the trick in the lifting process of the service.  I like using a clear plastic wrap to keep the hair color moist and also using cotton strips to keep my sections separated when using the balayage techniques.

Clear Plastic Wrap

Cotton Strips I love to use to keep my sections divided and for a nice clean application to the regrowth.  Separation is the key for me.

Tools of my trade. I love them!

My Favorite Lighteners Redken, I thought I would share this with everyone. But the most important idea I would like to share is do your own techniques, don’t copy others. This way will only make you a copy-write do your own original designs.

Goldwell My Favorite Toners!



Haircolor Advice, Haircolor and Makeup Advice

How I am learning more about hair color and makeup!

This model’s hair was low-lighted with several Goldwell Topchic colors to achieve a dimensional effect. Levels 6 through 7 were used from the Copper Gold and also Brown Gold family’s. The hair was also prelightened with 5 volume lightener. Goldwell Colorance hair color glazes Level 9 Neutral were applied for an even tonal value of the highlighted hair. Goldwell Hair-color was used for this color correction and home hair care was prescribed. Porosity has a lot to do with corrective hair color. I like to play on this condition of the hair to achieve tone. MAC makeup was used for her photo shoot she is a professional model and enjoys the variations of hair color change often. This is a Before & After Model.

Joseph Kellner SalonA lot of it is in the makeup and contouring. A lot of services are done in the salon but the change of makeup is not prescribed to the client. Hair color changes I offer to the client every season, so when the hair color changes so does the makeup and the techniques of applying the product. This I feel is a lost art and a lost art not done given in the salon. Hair color and make up go hand in hand. But also remember this is a model so you have to do the hair color for the camera also the makeup. The effects of light on the skin and hair can dramatically change the tonal value of the hair and makeup also. What helped me in my hair coloring and makeup was to step away from the client and look at the results, get goo light bulbs. Try and save up about $600.00 to $700.00 and get yourselves a good camera and lean how to focus on out-door lighting. You will see you work and it is a great way to critic your self. I love to use Cannon good camera to work with. Then set up a photo shoot with clients take pics of them, then you will get better with your makeup and placement of hair color. That’s how I learned on my own.

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