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Joseph Kellner Recommends Beyond Smooth™ Frizz Immunity Primer

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I love to try out new products, especially on the commercial sector of cosmetic products. And I will give a thumbs up to  Beyond Smooth by John Frieda. Just a small amount for long hair is needed, wash and condition the hair apply your Beyond Smooth and blow dry.  I Normally use a quarter size for long hair and a nickel size for medium length hair. Wash and condition the hair apply your product and comb through the hair. Continue with your blow styling. Wonderful product for the hair. and also a lovely scent. The is not a greasy product or will not weigh down the hair. Lovely to work with!  My finished product for the customer is a very smooth feel with no fly away hairs.  Excellent for blow drying and also setting the hair.

Makeup Artist in Orlando Joseph Kellner.

  • The perfect foundation for frizz-free styles.
  • Provides smoother hair with continued use for easier styling & more manageable hair.
  • Non-silicone formula, with Pure Coconut Oil & Frizz Immunity Complex, works from the inside- out, eliminating frizz at the source for added control and manageability.




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More Homemade Hair Treatments from Joseph Kellner in Orlando Florida


For Dry or Sun-Damaged Hair  Whatever your hair-dehydrating demon—hard water, sun overexposure, your trusty flat iron—nature’s sweetener can help. “Honey is a natural humectant, which means it attracts and locks in moisture”.  Massage approximately 1/2 cup honey into clean, damp hair, let sit for 20 minutes, then rinse with warm water. You can also add 1 to 2 Tbsp olive oil to loosen the honey for easier application. For extremely sun-damaged hair, trying mixing honey with 1 to 2 Tbsp of a protein-rich ingredient, like avocado or egg yolk, which will help replenish the keratin protein bonds that UV rays attack. Treatment can be applied once a month.

For Oily or Greasy Hair   Used properly, [cornmeal or cornstarch] is an inexpensive way to remove oil and grease. Pour 1 Tbsp cornmeal or cornstarch into an empty salt or pepper shaker and sprinkle onto dry hair and scalp until you’ve used it all. After 10 minutes, use a paddle hairbrush to completely brush it out. Treatment can be applied every other day.

For Frizzy Hair   I swear by avocado—and not just to repair damaged hair. Its oils (which are light and moist like our own natural skin secretions) and proteins boast the best combination of nutrients for smoothing and weighing down unruly hair. Mash up half an avocado and massage into clean, damp hair. Let sit for 15 minutes before rinsing with water. Amp up moisturizing power by combining mashed avocado with 1 to 2 Tbsp of a hydrating ingredient, like sour cream, egg yolks or mayonnaise. Treatment can be applied every two weeks.

For Residue-Ridden Hair   Nothing eats through product buildup like baking soda! Mix 1 to 2 Tbsp baking soda with small amounts of water until a thick paste forms. Massage into damp hair and let sit for 15 minutes. Rinse with water, then shampoo hair. Treatment can be applied every two weeks.