Joseph Kellner Photo-shoot Tips Baby Powder Is must!

Joseph Kellner makeup artist

For those of you who don’t know, dry shampoo is a powder, usually in a spray can, that absorbs oil in your hair and leaves a fresh scent. It gets rid of greasy “second day” hair, adds volume, and makes hair look and smell fresh and clean, minus the need for water.  There are a so many reasons why dry shampoo is amazing. First of all, if you’re blonde, it’s the best for getting rid of greasy hair and even lightening up your roots! Second, it’s perfect if you have damaged hair that you don’t want to shampoo every day. Daily shampooing, blow drying, and styling can stress your hair even more, causing extra damage and breakage. By shampooing only 3-4 times a week and using dry shampoo in between washings, your hair will be less damaged and prone to breakage. Third, it’s perfect if you travel or just wake up late and need to get ready fast. A quick spray and your hair will be good to go, no shower necessary. I always tend to keep a bottle Baby Powder in my makeup and hair kit for my photo-shoots. A lot of women, including myself use baby powder on their hair & scalp between washing’s. How about making colored baby powder for cosmetic purposes. A lot of women with black or very dark hair can’t use it for their hair but want to. And some of the dry sprays will leave your hair tacky and tangled.


When you are working in the Florida sun shine the hair will tend to get greasy, lifeless, no volume in it after awhile when you are shooting. And this will happen very fast with Fine thin and Natural wavy to Curly hair. I like to apply to the hair line and scalp and pull the product through the hair. Then go ahead and restyle. This will soak up a lot of the sweat and oils from the humidity and heat when shooting. Hope you enjoy my tips.

Joseph Kellner Loves Jilbere Porcelain Series Ceramic Tools

When you are doing editorial work you have to trust the best of the best with your styling tools. That’s why I like to use Jilbere Porcelian Ceramic Rollers.

Jenn Po Modeling/Orlandomakeup.comThis product I have used for years for the simple reason, they heat up quickly very fast and they also hold there hear. Providing me a trusting product that I can take on set and rely on. They have a lovely velvet center so there is no burning of the hair. And in Florida I deal with a lot of blonde hair, and we all know blonde hair is very fragile. The rollers will heat up very fast and with the velvet lining at the core of the roller the hair is protected from the heat. Within a few minutes the hair is curled and also leaving them in the hair for longer periods will also give me a firmer curl. Hence I go move on to my make up applications.  Aloso the rollers can be used between style changes and also wardrobe changes. Just figure out yout set and place in the hair. lovely product. Joseph Kellner Salon Highly recommends this product for hairdressers on set and in the daily salon world. Bravo!