KINESSENCES Mask Is A Winner In The Florida Sun And Film.

Joseph Kellner Salon


We still go to the beach in Florida year around and we have the best seafood, beaches and the prettiest models. But when you have colored treated hair and you are going to the beach always take the time. I tell my clients to place a mask on the hair while you are there. Great time for hair treatments is the beach. And believe it or not all the women at the beach do this. You see them all with slicked back hair. You need that in the Florida sun and surf. And especially with the well water we have here.  Recently I tried a mask from Kin Cosmetics and it worked well, very well I would say.  Kin Cosmetics produces a line for the hair KINESSENCES . Which I took the time to use for the past three weeks.

Good Benefits

This is a excellent product for Salon use as a Treatment on your Salon Menu.

A lovely agent for blow drying leaves the hair silky and lustrous. Use a nickel size on the mid-shafts and end, comb through. Lovely finish.

It works well as a buffer when rinsing hair colors.

Great for the beach. The product will dry up and leave the inside moist while doing its job.

Great for photography, for the slicked backed hair and swimwear photo’s.

Great Moisturizer for your skin, hands and feet.

Heals the hair from to many hair color services.


Joseph Kellner Salon

Very Good Product to use. BUT I do not recommend this product for fine, thin hair. It is just to strong. A lot of products are made for certain types of hair textures and some products will perform in certain climatesAlways find the right product for you. Products will work to there optimum in certain climates.  You can use it at home for a treatment, I suggest to wash and towel dry your hair place a half-dollar size in your palm and comb throughout. Never get conditioners on the scalp, just the mid-shaft and ends. That is what all conditioners and treatments are designed to do. Leave it on for hours, and then just rinse. Bravo Lovely Product.

Caring for your hair!

 Models understand sun damage!
 No model worth her perfect skin would go without sunscreen everyday. And this applies to hair too. Locks that have been coloured are particularly susceptible to the drying and damaging effects of the sun, sea and chlorine. The best way to protect the hair from the elements is by creating a barrier. This can be done my combing or spraying a product such as Kalea Rose Revive Hair Complex for hair through the hair before you swim or go out in the sun.  As well as using Kalea Rose products at home. Go and have a salon treatment once a month to keep your hair looking good. The combined effects of the colouring process and UV rays can leave hair parched and more prone to tangling. Kalea Rose Passion Conditioner and Mask Treatment  conditioning is required to remedy this, so always treat hair with a conditioning mask once a fornight, or whenever you feel the need. Slather product on to freshly washed hair, wrap a warm towel around your head and leave for 15 minutes, then rinse.