Shimmering Powder For Photo Shoots

Victoria’s Secret never fails to impress with its packaging. This shimmer powder comes in a transparent plastic packaging where shimmer powder is housed at the bottom (you can screw open this if necessary). On the top, there’s a synthetic bristle brush which is long and not dense. There is a transparent cap to close and prevent brush to give a hygienic touch and avoid fall out of the product. The packaging is travel friendly and light. If you are traveling or doing photo shoots I would recommend storing this in a freezer lock back.

It has micro silver shimmer particles which makes my photo shoot models skin glow whenever applied. I make sure not to apply it on my face because its base is bronze so it makes my complexion darker. Use sparingly on pale skinned models. If too much is used a orange tone will over rule. I use it on there collar bone, legs and on there shoulders. If I am doing a fashion shoot. If it is a swimwear shoot I will use it to contour the body. As it is a powder, product fallout is a lot during application, so watch out. I really like its brush, the bristles are long and applies just right amount of product every time. There is a slight vanilla fragrance which fades away after application. Very good product to use. Give it a try if you can find it . Check

Effective Make-Up Techniques for Great Photos!

Is it really true that you need to pile on foundation so thick you need a chisel to scrape it off, or lipstick so dark it appears you drank a can of brick paint so you don’t look “washed out”? Of course not! That “washed out” look you might have seen in still photos is from direct flash with improper exposures set by the photographer, not improper make-up use. Wear your make-up the way you would want to look in real life because, with the right photographer, that is how it will show up on the camera.

On an opposite note, if you were planning on not wearing make-up, think it over again. For a minimalist look, swipe powder on your face to help absorb oil and prevent shine. Even if you have dry skin, it will create a softer, more even finish for your photos. Try a crème to powder finish for better coverage with less steps. A little blush won’t hurt either. Keep it a lighter shade of pink or a brownish pink for a more natural look. Have darker toned skin? Try using brighter colors. If you have dark eyebrows and long dark lashes, you can get away with skipping eye make-up all together. Otherwise, use an eyebrow pencil and/or mascara if nothing else.

When it comes to lips, I know people always suggest clear lip gloss for those who use make-up. I would suggest this is not always the best choice. Wear some kind of color on your lips, particularly if they are very light in tone to prevent an undone or dull look. It needn’t be a dark shade, only enough to define the area and add a little pop! In fact, I would say, if you were to only wear two items of make-up, it would be lipstick and a crème to powder foundation.

And of course, practice putting this all together to make sure you’re comfortable with the final look BEFORE your big day.