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Being able to obtain tips for healthy hair is an excellent way to ensure you know about the latest products, best available tools, and more current techniques for taking care of hair. Some people appear never to have bad hair days. They look as though they have just stepped out of a salon, no matter what day of the week. However, if you are like most people, you probably have the typical morning hair and do not look “put together” 24 hours a day, even though you may want to.

The good news is that you can have great hair, simply by knowing the following secrets, which we have provided as tips for healthy hair. Best of all, these are things that every person can do without excessive fussing. Instead of putting on the old ball cap to hide and unsightly head of hair, try the following and enjoy great looking hair all the time. Keep in mind that the first step is changing your mindset. Get rid of your scarves, hats, turbans, and other things used to hide your hair and embrace change.

  • Haircut – One of the best tips for healthy hair is to ensure your hair looks great by getting regular haircuts. Now keep in mind when choosing a hairstyle, if you find that the stylist needs 30 to 45 minutes in the salon to make your hair look perfect, then when you get home, you will never be able to recreate the same look. Instead, you want a haircut that looks natural and requires little fuzz.Make sure the stylist understands the four important aspects of a haircut to include density, texture, type, and facial shape. For instance, if you have thick, coarse hair, then you would not want a full perm or if you have a full, round face, you want your hair to be pulled away from the face to make it look thinner. Finally, a good haircut should last six weeks, looking great every day.


  • Work with Nature – Everyone has different hair. It might be that your hair is fine, thick, wavy, straight, and so on. To look its best, you need to work with your natural hair. Otherwise, you will find that you become enslaved to your hair, going through constant coloring, relaxing, cutting, chemical applications, etc.


  • Use Products Wisely – Go easy on the products. If you apply gel to your hair, rather than fill the palms of your hands with the product, use a small, dime-size portion. The same would be true with hairspray. You do not want your hair to appear stiff but flowing and natural. Therefore, use a small amount of spray, allowing your hair to have movement.Another tip for healthy hair is that using too much products will cause your hair to appear greasy and weighted down. You also want to be careful when mixing and matching products. Instead of applying a leave-in conditioner, styling mousse, gel, and then hairspray, simply shampoo and condition your hair and then use one product. Additionally, it would be best to use the same brands in that they are designed to work together for the best results.


  • Hair Rollers – Many people today use rollers to achieve soft curls. If you plan using rollers on your hair, you want to use them right. For example, unheated rollers should be used on damp hair while heated rollers would be used on dry hair.After you shampoo your hair, do not use products until the hair is no longer wet, but just damp. For one, if you apply the product sooner, the hair will take longer to dry, thus taking longer to curl. Two, you will not get a consistent curls. When you put rollers in your hair, place the largest rollers at the top near the roots to produce the most volume. Just make sure you do not position the rollers right up to the roots or it can pull and stretch the hair, causing damage.  Roots – The roots of your hair can be damaged in a number of ways. Therefore, before you start blow-drying or curling, make sure you take care of the roots. For starters, a tip for healthy hair is that when you blow dry, your hair, start by drying the root area first. The same would be true when applying hair products. You will get more volume by applying to the roots first and then working your way down.


  • Preparation – One problem that many people face is that as the day progresses, the hair becomes dull and tired looking. If you are faced with this challenge, then you reactivate your morning’s gel or mousse with a simply spritz of water.Another great tool is to purchase a miniature curling iron that can be kept in your purse or desk. Then at lunch, you can take five minutes to refresh the curls, looking just as good, as you did in the morning. If you wear your hair long, then use scrunchies to wrap it up several times a day. When you take the hair down, you will have instant fluff and volume.


  • Body – Dealing with limp, lifeless hair is another common problem. To get the thickness and body you want, you need to make sure your hair is washed with a quality shampoo and conditioner. Then when you dry your hair, bend over at the waist and blow your hair upside down. Once the hair is approximately 50% dry, apply mousse or gel and with a vent brush, work it through. Now, flip your head over again, drying until completely dry.


  • Go Easy – Purchase some of the up do tools sold at stores to help put your hair up so it looks neat rather than just thrown together. To make this work, you need to gather all your hair as neatly as possible and then wind or roll it in one direction. With the updo tool, put the hair up and then secure it with bobby pins.


  • Darn Those Cowlicks – Many men and women struggle with cowlicks but instead of fighting these areas of the hair, use them to your advantage. For example, you can start a part or sweep the hair over at the location of the cowlick and have a nice lift. Another option is to brush your hair over toward the cowlick with a little bit of gel. The result will be a nice fullness that makes the hair look great and hides the cowlick.


  • Regular Trims – In addition to having a great cut, our last tip for healthy hair is to keep up with regular trims. Unfortunately, women will try to stretch the time out as long as possible but even waiting one week can make a big difference.

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Color Correction Might Take Several Visits


Many consumers with color correction issues don’t realize that hair color can not often be instantly reversed.  It can take up to five visits for some serious color problems to be reversed.  Did I say five visits?  

Yes indeed.  Hair color is not like paint on furniture which can easily be removed with paint remover.  Haircolor is a lot more like painting a white wall.  Sometimes you can’t just paint over the color with corrective white paint. Many times you have to remove the botched color in several steps.  The same is true with hair color gone wrong.  If you go to a color correction specialist and they tell you that it will take several treatment sessions, take the time to talk to them and find out why before you reject the suggestion outright.

Actions To Avoid 

Although you may feel that you can do a miracle fix with the color, at home yourself, historical evidence in not in your favor unless you utilized a vegetable, semi or demi-permanent color.  If you used a permanent color or a bleach product, it is best to try and get professional help from the manufacturer or an outside color expert. 

While there are color removing products available to professionals stylist and color experts, unless you have a complete knowledge of how to use the formulas, avoid them like the plague.  The color removal products often contain strong chemicals or bleach and in the wrong hands they can cause severe hair breakage.  Color removal products should never be used on relaxed or permed hair without the advice of a hair expert.

The only way to remove permanent hair color is with a color removal product.  Depending on the color that you selected, you may be able to cover the permanent color with a semi or demi-color.  Enlist the advise of the color manufacturer before you start experimenting with different coverage shades or you could wind up with the color of mud. If your visions of Pamela Lee blonde turned to Carrot Top orange, only a color expert can safely get you back to a safe color zone.  The same is true for purple, pink, blue or some green.  

Some chlorine enhanced greens can be removed with a special chlorine removal shampoo. When all else fails, try the tomato juice soak.  The red in the juice will neutralize the green in many cases. Many people have color disasters with henna.  Not only does henna coat the hair, it is highly unpredictable for some users. If a horrid shade of henna is haunting you, reach for good old fashioned mineral oil.  A colorist told me to follow these directions to lessen or even remove henna from the hair:

1.Saturate hair strands with a mixture.

2. Follow 5-10 minutes later with a coating of mineral oil.  Apply the mineral oil on top of the 70% alcohol. Avoid the scalp area.

3. Cover your new oily head with Saran or similar plastic.  A plastic shower cap will also work well.  

4. Sit under a hood dryer for 30-45 minutes.

If you don’t have a hood dryer, direct a heat concentrator towards the hair from your blow dryer. 

5. To remove the oil apply a little shampoo to the palms of your hands and then pat on the oil BEFORE you apply water.  After you have applied the shampoo to the oil areas, turn on the shower and lather.  Use a good cleansing or clarifying shampoo. You may need to shampoo more than once to remove all the oil and the henna.  If necessary, repeat as needed.

6. Once you have removed the henna, be sure to perform deep conditioning treatments to restore moisture to the hair. When in doubt about henna, don’t do it.  Take your time and do lots of research to be sure you are on the right track to desired color results. Time heals all hair color woundsAlthough you may hate your new color, if neither home or professional correction are an option, consider going shorter with a new style that will allow you to outgrow the color quickly.  Ask your stylist to help you select a style that minimizes any new roots or growth.  Give yourself some time to let the color fade naturally away. 

2. Heat to fade

Hot water is notorious for fading chemically colored hair.  Some volume shampoos and gels like Matrix Amplify and related products may also help fade color faster because it is designed to blow open the hair cuticle which sometimes accelerates hair color loss. Hot extra virgin olive oil and some commercial oil treatments will also help to strip chemically applied color.  An old trick of colorists is to shampoo with Prell shampoo which is known for its color striping talents. Don’t assume that it will remove your unwanted hues.  It will help fade your color which may or may not be a good thing.  While this may or may not be a good option for quickly moving past unwanted temporary or demi-perm colors, it may actually accentuate a bad shade on permanently applied color.

3. Make lemonade out of lemons

Yes, I know it sounds sappy, but I really believe that when life gives you lemons, you can have fun making lemonade. Being positive really helps in any bad situation, including sporting a head of pink and purple hues when you wanted cookies and cream. Not only does positive thinking and actions make you feel better, it gives you the opportunity to learn new ways to appreciate your hair.  Set aside some private time, drag out all your hair styling tools and play with some new looks that can help you pass the time while your horrible hue grows out.  Styling products like volume enhancing mousse or extra strength gel can work wonders on instantly changing limp locks into luscious fat locks.  A good straightening or defrisant balm can remove the frizzies for a smooth, sleek shiny cap and help you to forget that it just happens to be slightly orange. Surviving one really bad hair color experience should help you avoid them in the future.  Always make sure that you have a pre-color consultation with your stylist and that you believe you are both on the same hair page. 

Take photos of your desired hues since stylists work well with a visual view to guide them. Once the color begins, watch carefully.  If you think the color process is going wrong, instantly stop the process.  If your head or scalp starts to sting or burn speak up immediately.  Remember, it is your hair and you have to live with it.  Don’t be shy, speak up and leave if you must.

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