Always Read The Label On Dry Shampoo’s

Normally during a new photo-shoot I try to bring along new styling aids to work with from the commercial sector (IE) drugstores, ulta, grocery stores etc. I like to try them out and write new blogs about the hair care products. So I rely on dry shampoo’s for taming the hair or for styling touch ups during the shoot. To much moisture in the hairspray and dry shampoo will weigh down fine hair and make curly hair blown either straight or curly will make it frizzy. Especially working in Florida during the summer months. So your beautiful blown dry hair will frizzy up in a matter of sections.

I brought along a new dry shampoo to use during this shoot and was unhappy with its performance and lack of volume. Though it says on the can of CLEAN FREAK it has “fresh volume” it does not. It is filled with a lot of moisture. and has no lifting quality’s to it.

There are many hair care products in the commercial sector for sale that do just as a better job and performance than a professional product. So I decided to use CLEAN FREAK.

The company NOT YOUR MOTHER’S says the following about the product.

  • Absorbs excess oils (Not really)
  • Cleans without water (Has a lot of moisture in the product)
  • Light matte finish (I seen no form of dusting to the hair or matte finish)
  • Spray generously on roots and throughout hair. Brush through to diffuse powder and watch it absorb any excess oils. Style as desired and enjoy your newly freshened hair.
  • Leaves the hair wet, I would not professional recommend this product to a consumer.

Thermal Styling Brushes I recommend for Home Hair Care!

A lot of clients like the smooth straight look to their finish. And a lot like to have wavy, smooth hair. The tools I like to use are from the company Ibiza. These brushes are made for the Masters of Hair, and I rely on them constantly and they never fail me.  You will pay a pretty penny for these tools, but they will give you the result you want. They always do for me!

Yolles Large
Ionic Nylon Bristles.
Distributes negative ions
Faster drying time
Hair is softer & shinier
Hair is more humidity-resistant

Ergonomic Non-Slip Rubber Handle.
Softer than PVC
Less stress on your wrist
Reduce hand fatigue
More control & comfort
Seamless one-piece (no gluing)

Ceramic Carbon Fiber Barrel.
Eliminates frizz
Heat resistant
Hair is more humidity resistant

Styling Brushes!