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Hair Color Before And After Part Two

Two weeks ago I made a blog on my model who is having hair color correction. The other day we went to work on the hair by adding low lights to the hair color to start giving it a fall color and added dimension. Which it lacked.  We added low lights to the hair which was in the level seven family and also added a ash color to complement it. We have finally cancelled out all of the yellow in her hair. The next appointment will be for highlights. To soften the dark root color.  I gave the client a bottle of Frost hair color toner to use every week. This will keep her hair color on mark and will stop all fading of it also.

This toner is used for pre-lightened hair. It’s a great hair product that won’t damage your hair! It actually restores the pH balance of your hair and makes it oh so soft. It improves the quality and shine of your hair while soothing your scalp all at the same time!!

Haircolor Advice

Hair Color Before And After Joseph Kellner

Hair coloring is a ART!. And there comes a time when the client wants a hair color but should be talked out of it. Because of the condition of the hair or the base color is too dark for the clients hair coloring choice.  My client is a model and has a base color of a level 4-5. She had a balayage hair color that took her up to a level 9-10.  Which faded out to some very strong brassy tones. Which was why the hair color was not applied evenly and not given the proper timing for lift. Below is a photo of the original color.

My Client received low-lites to create some cool dimension. And also to rid the hair of the yellow cast and orange banding on the root. The color choices were 10.1 + 9.01 10 volume balayaged and finished with a violet toner processed for 35 minutes. Hair was also trimmed to relieve it of all split ends.

The above photograph is the finished product.


Haircolor and Makeup Advice

Joseph Kellner Hair Care and Makeup Tips.

  1. Trim the hair every 60 days.
  2.  Don’t buy Sulfate free products, it’s a gimmick.
  3.  Comb out the hair with a wide tooth comb after shampooing.
  4.  Coconut Oil is better for the hair than a $40.00 Conditioner.
  5.  Always leave a little conditioner in the hair for easy blow drying.
  6.  Don’t change your hair color every 4 weeks you will over process the hair.
  7.  If the hair is foil highlighted apply some baking soda to your shampoo to keep the yellow out of the hair if you have well water.
  8.   Always use a light hair spray when ironing the hair.
  9. Don’t cut your hair at home.
  10.   Have your hair professionally colored.
  11.  Never leave the salon angry or unhappy learn to communicate to your stylist.
  12.  Never pay for a service you are not happy with.
  13.   Leave the salon if it is dirty and you are not getting the attention required for your visit.
  14.   Remember hair color looks different in different lighting.
  15. Know what you want before your go, bring examples to your hairdresser or colorist.
  16.  Learn to blow dry your hair and have fun styling it also.
  17.  When changing hair color change the makeup.
  18.  Changed your hair color every season.
  19.  Never use the same makeup colors when you change your hair color.
  20.  Use a toner before applying a primer to the face.
  21.  Keep your makeup brush’s clean and sanitized.
  22.  Clean your hair brush’s once a week.
  23.  Don’t color your hair at home.
  24.  Remember you get what you pay for.
  25.  Don’t bring your negativity to the salon, people don’t want to hear it.