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How to Get Rid of Dandruff Naturally

Haircolorinorlando.comWhile having dandruff certainly is embarrassing, the good news is that this issue is completely harmless. Even better news, no drugs or pharmaceutical solutions are required to get rid of dandruff – there are numerous natural home remedies for dandruff that can be utilized within your own home.
Dandruff is characterized by small white flakes falling from the scalp. While a small amount is normal, as dead skin cells flake off your scalp, many people experience an unusually large amount of flaking, often leading their shoulders to be covered in what resembles tiny white snowflakes. The flaking is often accompanied by an itchy scalp, redness, and irritation. Numerous reasons have been suggested for the cause of dandruff; blame has been put on dry skin, oily skin, diet, hygiene, over-washing or under-washing your hair, and stress.

  • 1. Apple Cider Vinegar –  apple cider vinegar is great for killing the fungus that causes the dandruff. To experiences ACVs amazing beneficial properties, simply dilute the liquid with water at equal parts and use the mixture as a shampoo. People report this treatment to provide instant relief from itchiness, while getting rid of dandruff with just a few applications over the course of a few
  • 2. A Quality Probiotic – As you expect, internal treatments are another great solution for dandruff. Specifically, a probiotic strain of bacillus laterosporus should be enough to not only take care of dandruff, but help to boost overall health by replenishing the beneficial bacteria within your gut. Gut flora is extremely important for optimal health. There are many probiotic supplements on the market, but here is just one option and recommendation to begin your search.
  • 3. Oregano Oil or Tea Tree Oil – Both oregano oil and tea tree oil possess natural antiviral, antibacterial, and antifungal properties that can reduce inflammation and treat infections. Try taking oregano oil internally, or applying oregano oil and tea tree oil on the scalp.
  • 4. Coconut Oil – Adding on to the home remedies for dandruff, coconut oil is another amazing anti-fungal food that is capable of killing fungus and eliminating dandruff. Just a few teaspoons applied to the hair and scalp should be enough to rid you of dandruff and provide a nice shine to your hair. Melt some coconut oil and include 5-9 drops of pure tea tree oil for every 5 tablespoons of coconut oil. This could work in as little as two applications. Ingesting coconut oil daily can also help.
  • 5. Natural Anti-Fungal Product – Since dandruff is often caused by a fungal infection, it only makes sense to consider taking an anti-fungal product. There are numerous options on the market, but again one product that I can recommend here is called Mycozil. Made from organic herbs, this product, as expected, it designed to rid the body of various fungi, including candida.
  • 6. Lemons – Massage 2 tablespoons lemon juice into your scalp and rinse with water. Afterwards, mix 1 teaspoon of lemon juice with 1 cup of water and rinse. Repeat daily.
  • 7. Evergreen Cedar Tree – Using oils with antiseptic, anti-seborrheic and mild astringent properties could prove useful for dandruff. Here is one specific option: Blend 6 drops cedarwood, 6 drops rosemary essential oil and 4 drops cypress oil with 50 milliliters of olive oil. Massage into the scalp, let it soak overnight, and shampoo well the next day.
  • 8. Medicated Shampoos – If nothing else seems to work and you just want the dandruff gone, try using one of two shampoos: Selsun Blue or Head & Shoulders. Selsun Blue contains a form of selenium sulfide while Head & Shoulders contains zinc – both ingredients target fungus. This solution won’t be the first choice for someone trying to tackle the problem naturally, so instead of using the shampoos repeatedly for years, just try applying it and leaving it on overnight while wearing a shower cap as a safer alternative.
  • 9. Baking Soda – When you normally shower, try wetting your hair and rubbing a handful of baking soda into your scalp instead of using shampoo. Rinse thoroughly and dry. This may take a few weeks and you may experience dryness at first, so other home remedies for dandruff may be better options.

Other Tips for Getting Rid of Dandruff:

  • Start buying organic/natural personal care products that don’t contain parabens, sodium laureth or lauryl sulfate.
  • Reduce sugar intake.
  • Increase animal-based omega-3 fat intake.
  • Avoid processed foods and eliminate processed oils like corn, soy, canola, safflower, and sunflower oil.

Most importantly, don’t forget to share which home remedies for dandruff work and don’t work for you. You don’t need a pharmacy to get rid of dandruff – go natural.

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Home hair care remedys for the consumer and professional.

If you don’t like to spend a lot of money on yourself but you want to find ways to look your best, there are lots of things that you can do yourself that are natural, wholesome and will save you lots of money and time. If a product list of ingredients on the back side of the bottle cannot be pronounced. DONT USE IT! So many manufacturers especially in my beauty industry will claim “Organic” or “Green”. What is really the definition of this. A lot of it comes to you and advertised to you as a “trend”. ‘Lets all jump on the bus, type of revolution. And manufacturers will “Copy Cat” one another in my industry. If nature makes it and it comes out of the ground then it is organic, and further more always watch out what is being used on you in the salon. And make sure your stylist is educated on the ingredients of the chemical services. Here are some great tips for your hair, and alot cheaper than spending on a salon product that will not work as better. Dont be fooled by a manufacturers slogans, or a beauty industry professionals claim as “Safe”. Clean Beauty is what you are looking for.


 I like to recommend to my clients to more natural, hair care tips  and safe methods as much as possible. Especially when their hair is colored treated or relaxed with a chemical. These tips do work wonders and as time goes by the client will enjoy the benefits of doing their own home hair care on their own. Always inform your clients about safe guarding their hair color and protecting their investment from the elements. If you ever go into a salon and receive a chemical treatment, ie a hair color, highlight, relaxer and you go to pay for the service and the professional has a full range of products they recommend at the counter RUN!. These tips I have given you work extremely well.

I think of it this way. What makes your favorite restaurant food so delicious? What makes you go back for the good food? It’s generally the fresh, natural non-processed ingredients. They don’t use processed, or chemically treated ingredients. Everything is fresh daily and right from the vine, so to speak, and it’s good for you. Again if it comes out of the ground it is organic. If you cannot read the label RUN!

The same principle works for your skin and hair care. Use things that are not processed or chemically treated. It will make a difference in how your hair feels, looks and holds it condition. Something as simple as mayonnaise for example, is a great hair conditioner.  Rub it into your hair, wrap it in plastic wrap for about 20 minutes and wash it out. For something so simple it makes my clients hair super soft and shiny. And what did it cost? Just a few cents. And as time goes by your hair will feel great. I recommend this to all my corrective hair color clients. If the hair is at its optimum health wise, then color change is very easy to do. Which you should do every season. That is what  hair color is for, “For Having Fun”. When the hair is dry, breaking, hair color will look matt and have no shine. That is why salons sell man-made products too you. When the hair is that distressed only chemicals in styling products will make it look at least like healthy hair. But that all goes away when you wash it . But they also have to recommend this too you or there boss will be on there backs for not selling retail hair care.

Now take that same mayonnaise and add an avocado. Mash it up right into the mayonnaise and you’ve got even a better conditioner. Again it’s cheap and you can make enough to last a week in the refrigerator.

For added conditioning try using these oils which are very nourishing for healthy looking hair. Simple put on, wrap in a warm towel and leave on for 20 minutes or even overnight.

Use Olive Oil  – Provide elasticity and strength to your hair.

Jojoba Oil –  Perfect for dry or over processed, frizzy hair because it moisturizes.

Coconut Oil – Coconut oil contains lots of things like magnesium, calcium and iron so it helps improve damaged hair and gives it new strength as well as lubrication.

Rosemary Herbal Oil – Try this for dandruff. Warm the oil and massage it into your scalp, then wrap in a hot towel. Very soothing and nice!

Hair care products if they are Labeled/Advertised as “Organic”, should have a shelf life expiration date on the product. If a product does not have one it is usually full of preservatives.