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Joseph Kellner Salon Recommends to our Clients, “Wrath” Shine Finish Serum !


In my salon I do a lot of long, frizzy, curly hair. I have a huge Brazilian clientele and they like smooth hair with curls now. The is the trending style, the flat-iron is slowly going out and into the garbage in my salon. Seven sins hair care is a unique product to carry. I will not endorse products in a grocery store or in a drug store, period. Seven sins is perfect for my studio salon, not a lot of sku’s (Keep it simple Simon), packaging is terrific, clients love it. Catchy name etc. So blow drying in Florida is a must because of the humidity when a client has curly hair!.  For long hair, I like to use a quarter size of the “Lust pre styling lotion”, and then add 3-4 droplets of the “Wrath” serum. Place it into the clients hair carefully adding it to the ends of the hair. I will then comb thru and start my blow styling on the client. There is not a lot of build up with these products and the hair will be soft and shiny.  Leaving the finish to the hair design. Add a few droplets of the “Wrath” in the hair when I complete the service and out the door she goes! Good product to cocktail with. When you make your next appointment please ask about our salon hair care.

Joseph Kellner Salon

Orlando, Florida 32819

Haircare Advice

Protecting your Money!

Maybe you weren’t born with that gorgeous shade of hair on your head. There’s no shame in going to the salon to have your color perfected or completely transformed. But you want it to look as natural as possible — and you want it to last. Professional highlights or color can cost a lot, and require frequent visits to the salon. The last thing you’d want is all that color to wash down the drain — or worse, have it fade or turn brassy. Keep your color true and vibrant longer with a few simple tricks.


Deep condition with a color-enhancing shampoo. There are inexpensive formulas that gently deposit a tiny bit of color onto your locks each time you lather up. The difference will be subtle to you, and virtually undetectable to anyone else. They’ll just keep your color looking bright and shiny longer. Choose a shade that matches your natural haircolor; if you have highlights, go with a shampoo that closely resembles your natural shade.

Suds up with a color-safe shampoo, if you don’t feel comfortable using a color-depositing shampoo. There are many brands at different price points, from drugstore to salon lines, that hydrate dry hair without stripping it of color. Use these every time you shampoo to help prevent fading.

 Protect your locks from the sun. The sun’s rays can fade and even alter your pro dye job. Spritz on a UV-protecting spray any time you’ll be spending a significant amount of time outdoors. Definitely for days at the beach, but even if you’re heading to the park for an hour or two. If your hair is really delicate — for example, if you went from brunette to platinum blonde — consider covering it up with a head scarf or wrap to keep it from fading and drying out in the sun.

Use a glaze. A glaze locks color in your strands post-shampoo. Salons often apply them to freshly colored hair to seal in the color. You can keep the color trapped in by using a glaze in your own shower. There are colored glazes to spice up your hue, or you can use a clear glaze. Either version will enhance shine and keep your shade full of life. Stay away from products that have alcohol in there ingredients list. Also whan you are flat ironing the hair or using a curling iron. Stay away from pump hair sprays they have too much moisture in the ingredients.  Be realistic about your hair color choice with your stylist. One of the biggest turn off”s a stylist dislikes is when a consumer comes in for an appointment berating all the salons and stylists in their city. And never, ever come to an appointment mentioning you are going through the “CHANGE” and you are very emotional. We are all adults please learn how to police your emotions and behavior. Thats the quickest way for me to tell a consumer, ‘I cannot help you today”.