Joseph Kellner Salon Recommends to our Clients, “Wrath” Shine Finish Serum !


In my salon I do a lot of long, frizzy, curly hair. I have a huge Brazilian clientele and they like smooth hair with curls now. The is the trending style, the flat-iron is slowly going out and into the garbage in my salon. Seven sins hair care is a unique product to carry. I will not endorse products in a grocery store or in a drug store, period. Seven sins is perfect for my studio salon, not a lot of sku’s (Keep it simple Simon), packaging is terrific, clients love it. Catchy name etc. So blow drying in Florida is a must because of the humidity when a client has curly hair!.  For long hair, I like to use a quarter size of the “Lust pre styling lotion”, and then add 3-4 droplets of the “Wrath” serum. Place it into the clients hair carefully adding it to the ends of the hair. I will then comb thru and start my blow styling on the client. There is not a lot of build up with these products and the hair will be soft and shiny.  Leaving the finish to the hair design. Add a few droplets of the “Wrath” in the hair when I complete the service and out the door she goes! Good product to cocktail with. When you make your next appointment please ask about our salon hair care.

Joseph Kellner Salon

Orlando, Florida 32819