Joseph Kellner Salon Recommends Seven Sins Hair Care as a Winner at my Studio!

Seven Sins product review for beauty industry!
Seven Sins product review for beauty industry!

What is it all about with Seven Sins Hair Care!

At Seven Sins we believe in “EXTREMES” and what’s more exciting than embracing your inner SIN? Be original, natural, innovative, secretive & demanding! It’s the “SEXIEST” you! And don’t we love Sexy!! Seven Sins will have you in love with not only your hair but with “us” as well!!
We also embrace Simplicity (with high yield formulas) Seven Sins has created a sequence of hair products that simplifies selection! You no longer have to cocktail multiple brands to get the results you’ve craved (dreamed of) & most likely thought were unobtainable.
So be yourself, Sexy, Daring & (most important) be Original! Live life to the extreme (after all) everyone knows life’s more fun…with a little Sin. What’s your secret? Don’t tell….. till they beg!!!
The full-line of Seven Sins© products was the brainchild and creation of Master Stylist/Colorist, John Michael Zucco. It all started when he found himself referring his clients to different brands that needed to be used together in order to achieve specific “looks.” John came up with a different solution—a simpler solution—which is the top-of-the-line Seven Sins products. These products are easily used in sequence to achieve a series of specific, desired looks. You no longer have to cross high-quality brands to get the hair style you want. Each of the hair products in the line are marked by their “sin” symbol, which is then followed with a “virtue”, for example the product I tried has a sin of unmanageable, dull, out of control hair. The virtue? Smooth, controlled, shiny hair.
What makes Seven Sins different is that it’s the first high-quality hair care product that consolidates the hair care process into simple steps that are easy to understand and work into your everyday hair-styling routine. Additionally, Seven Sins products are salt-free, sulphate-free, phthalate-free, and paraben free. They carry what the website calls “sinfully” clean record.
Seven Sins Hair Care

Reviews Of Seven Sins Hair care!

I would like to take the time to thank Mr. Zucco for sending me the “Lust” from the Seven Sins product he has created. The product performs well for all of my styling needs. There are not a lot of products in the beauty/cosmetic industry I carry. Do to the fact of not having an exclusive in my studio. In other words if I don’t have it, I don’t want a client purchasing it elsewhere. “Lust” does its …job and I am pleased to find a product that will not weigh the hair down and also “Lust” gives me the added volume I want in my blow drying. No need for a ton of styling products sitting on the shelf. It is a good product, I will order for my salon. Get your product out there John you have a winner!!! I will order it for the salon. Love the packaging also, the clients like it also. Joseph Kellner
Message from: Kathy Clark
I have known JMZ for many years, and I was very happy to catch up with him again on FB. Much to my surprise, he has his own hair care line now!
I’ve been a “Salon Rat” since I was 16 years old! Cuts, colors, and …enough products to fill a truck, always looking for the next best thing….
Since I still love trying new hair products, I ordered 3 products from the Seven Sins line, Pride (the shampoo) Sloth (the conditioner) and Lust (pre-styling lotion) I can honestly say, these are by far, some of the best products I have EVER used.
My hair is shoulder length, kind of coarse, but tends to “collapse” if too much product is used on it. I also have it foiled with three different shades of blonde, so it does have its share of damage. When I used Pride & Sloth, I really couldn’t believe how soft and revitalized my hair felt! This was only after one use, so I can’t wait to see how great my hair is going to be with further use.
After the shampoo and conditioner I used Lust. This product is very easy to use, 2 pumps does it for me, worked it through my hair, and just let my hair air dry. When dry, my hair looked shiny, healthy, and (what I have never found in any other product) it brought out the natural wave my hair has, without the “frizzes”, which is great with Summer being here, and you just want to wash your hair and go! I can’t wait to try it when I blow dry and flat-iron my hair as well!
What I really liked as well, is the very little amount of these products you have to use to make them work.
I am definitely sold on these three products, and I will be a return customer…..I’ve experienced 3 of the Seven Sins, can’t wait to see what else this could lead to!!
Wonderful products, and honestly, highly recommended! Thank you JMZ!

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