Mascara’s and Eye Liners!

makeup advice!

In the salon when it comes to commercial photo-shoots, or model portfolio’s, I need to rely on a product that wont fade, smudge or disappear on my client!. That is why I prefer Maybelline Pots for all of my eyeliners!. The product is true to tone and wont smear all over the lid during application. It will have to dry for a few minutes. Blending of the product is an easy process if you use the proper blending tools. The tonal value of the product stays true to tone and the consistency will not smear or expand on the eye lid!

There are a lot of different colors to choose from depending on what look you are looking for. And the product is relatively affordable for the consumer and the professional.

Maybelline Pots Are my choice for 2013!

 Another product from the Maybelline Cosmetic lines is their Stiletto Lash!

Maybelline Stiletto LASH is a Winner with me 2013!

Excellent product for the lash’s, and is not caked or clumpy and it is a mascara that is easy and pliable to apply for the application.  I also use it for models who have a photo-shoot and have some grey hair to cover in the front hair-line. Excellent use’s comes from this product. I also use it for an eye liner in the salon. The product lasts and will make your lash’s look voluminous and sultry. Thicker yes is the word for the complete definition of the product. I like to apply a first coat then reapply the send coat. When on set I have no problems of stiffening of the lash’s and I can reapply whenever I want. Hands down a winner for me. Everyone should have this as a tool in their makeup kit.

Joseph Kellner Salon

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