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Dr. Phillips, Florida 32819 haircolor advice for the consumer!

“Which hair color works best on grays?”  If it is done right, permanent hair color doesn’t damage hair and it’s the best way to cover gray, that’s what it’s made for. If you’re concerned that your hair will get damaged from coloring it too often, simply touch up your roots when needed — no need to color the entire strand. If you dye it from roots to ends every time, your ends will gradually become more saturated and you’ll end up with unintentional two-tone hair.

“I touched up my gray roots a week and a half ago and within a week they were already lighter than the rest of my hair. I already use color-treated shampoo and conditioner.” It sounds like you’re using the wrong color when doing the roots. Hair color should last three to six weeks or until the roots start to grow out. The ashier the color, the less gray coverage. The warmer the color, the better for covering grays.  Also, be sure that you’re using a permanent color that’s intended for covering gray because semi-permanent color simply can’t offer the same coverage. And, continue using color-treated hair products in the shower because they will help keep color truer longer in our salon we use Kalea Rose Haircare!

“I have really dark hair and I’m considering coloring it red. What’s the healthiest and most effective way to get the specific hue that I want? Should I go to a professional or buy a box at the drugstore?” The best way to get the right hair color is to go to a professional.  If you pick the wrong red shade you (or we) may not be able to get it out or fix it. And, when it comes to choosing the hue. When you go red, it should be a red that appears naturally, not a red that appears on a clown or a vegetable. Look for coppery, cinnamon, strawberry and auburn reds. Avoid aubergine, cherry, orange and pumpkin hues. If it doesn’t appear in [natural hair color], it won’t appear natural on you. Never use store bought hair color.

“How can you extend the life of hair color while combating dandruff? I haven’t found an anti-dandruff shampoo that doesn’t cause my hair to fade.” Unfortunately, all anti-dandruff shampoos cause color fading, because they are like a medicine for your scalp. The only way to extend the life of any hair color is to use the right [color-formulated] shampoo and conditioner. But, I recommend asking your doctor how long you need to use the anti-dandruff formula and to inquire whether there are other options for treating it.

 “Can I get highlights if I’ve already dyed my hair?” This is absolutely an acceptable practice. In fact, for most clients, I color them and, highlight them at the same time. Highlighting color-treated hair is that “it looks more natural.”

Haircare Advice, Haircolor Advice, Haircolor and Makeup Advice

Highlighting Very Dark Hair From Joseph Kellner In Orlando, Florida 32836

The trend for styling and coloring hair always keeps on changing. All of us like to experiment with our hair to look different and younger than our age. Hair highlighting is a simple method to add style and color to natural hair. In contrary to the hair coloring method, hair highlights involve dyeing a few strands of hair. Usually, highlighting is done in the focal points of a haircut style in order to make it more defined. It is an ideal solution for those who do not want to completely alter their hair color.

Hair color highlights mostly come in brighter shades, of which some have metallic tints. The suitability of the highlighting shade varies as per the natural hair color and skin tone of the person. Hence, while choosing the right hair color or hair highlights, certain factors are to be taken into consideration, so that you will not regret with the results of highlighting. Selecting the perfect highlights for dark hair is really a challenge, as the shades of highlights and natural hair are contrast to each other. Nevertheless, with some careful tips, you will look glamorous by highlighting dark hair.

Choosing Highlights for Dark Hair

While choosing highlights for any hair color, the color should be such that it is two shades lighter than the natural hair color. Nevertheless, for those who want to sport a hairstyle with contrasting strands, then golden and reddish shades are perfect options. Many of the brunettes look fabulous with any sort of hair highlights, while some require hair dyeing again, as the highlights do not match with their hair color. Another preferable alternative for highlighting dark hair is weaving in more than three shades.

Whatever be the option you have decided, the basic trend behind selecting highlights for darker hair is to opt for lighter shades. At any point of time, do not finalize shades that are more than three-times lighter than your original hair color. An easy way is to check out highlight kits for dark hair that are available in the market. While purchasing, make sure you select a reliable brand with a good track record, which has many satisfied customers. Highlighting dark hair  is a simple procedure. You can do on your own if you are familiar with the basic hair coloring tips. In case, you are confused with the shades, consult an experienced hairstylist for suggestions. He/she is the best person to give you tips about the perfect highlight shades and application methods.
Tips for Highlighting Dark Hair

So, you have finalized the highlights for your hair and are planning to apply them. There are two ways of highlighting your hair, either you can get it done by a professional hairdresser in a salon, or you can do it on your own at home. If you are new to hair highlighting and hair coloring, then do not take the risk of self-applying them. Rather, visit a hairdresser for highlighting your tresses. Once you become aware about the basic tips and tricks, you can surely do it yourself.

There are several ways to apply highlights for dark hair. To mention a few, you can opt for hair painting (brush used for highlighting), foil hair highlighting (applied by using foils), lowlighting (highlighting with a lighter shade), and chunking (applied in chunks of hair). Your hairstylist will follow a suitable method depending upon your hair type and highlighting option.

Dark hair highlights can give you a stylish and sophisticated look. Select shades that blend with your natural hair to give you a more subtle look. Last but not the least, follow proper hair care instructions and use reliable hair care products to maintain those beautiful locks. I highly recommend using Kalea Rose Haircare.

Haircare Advice, Haircolor Advice, Haircolor and Makeup Advice

Three Ways To Update Your Color!

Three Ways to Update Your Hair Color!


Don’t try to cover up the color you were born with. Enhance it. Work with your colorist to figure out what hues are hidden below your surface. The idea is to find shades in your hair color’s family and bring out the warm, rich tones by adding more of that color. For example, if you have dark brown hair, chances are you also have some auburn/red in the mix. Bring those tones out by adding lowlights all over but always remember the under-tones of the customers hair. If you are going to warm up the base color after your highlights have been completed use a Green based tint and 20 or 30 volume to control the warmth. Never leave your formula on longer than 5 minutes after your application. You will acheive beautiful and natural base colors with this method.  ALWAYS USE A GREEN BASE COLOR!

Look to The Stars For Shades

Check out celebrities wearing the  hair color you covet, and observe how they switch their shades for the season, NEVER BE A COPY-CAT! Stay within one or two shades (darker or lighter) of your current or natural hue. And always remember you are dealing with artifical hair color the color will hold true for 2-3 weeks and then the fadage process will begin to appear. I recommend La Rose shampoo for cleansing the hair and preventing unwanted hair color fadage. La Rose Shampoo is a mild sulfate free shampoo, with coconut oil that gently cleanses the hair.  Essential nutrients restore the natural beauty of your hair and balances out deficiencies.

Now Customize It!

Now that you’ve narrowed down the shade you like, bring the photo along on your consultation so you and your stylist can develop a personalized look.  It’s also smart to ask questions. Talk about the colors in your wardrobe — are you more browns, grays or blacks? Pastels or bold colors? This will help inform how much of what color is placed where. Always remember to use the proper hair care for you hair color. In my salon we recommend Kalae Rose Hair Care. Weekly treatments are necessary for color treated hair, Kalea Rose Passion is the best you can use on the hair for treatments. Passion Conditioner is formulated with proteins and amino acids that mimic the “natural moisturizing factor” of healthy skin and hair. This product can be used as a daily conditioner and aslo as a weekly at home treatment. Follow up with Sleek Cream for a smooth luxurious finish. Sleek Cream leaves hair shiny and soft without heavy oils and build up.

Joseph Kellner
Hairdresser – Haircolorist – Makeup Artist

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Haircare Advice, Haircolor Advice, Haircolor and Makeup Advice

Sleek & Shiny Hair Advice from Joseph Kellner in Orlando, Florida

Some people seem to have all the good fortune when it comes to healthy hair. They have thick, shiny hair that is gorgeous. However, other people only dream of having shiny hair, instead living with hair that is dull and lifeless. For these individuals, no matter what they do, they never can achieve that same shine. The good news is that regardless of your hair type, you too can have beautiful, shiny hair, simply by knowing how.

For brilliance and shine, you have two primary options. The first is to choose commercial products designed specifically to help with shine and the second is to make your own homemade products. Just remember that both options deal with materials that are usually, highly flammable. Therefore, whatever you do, never smoke or use these products near open flames. Additionally, some of these products will create build-up, creating a fire hazard should the hair come too close to an open flame so you want to use caution.  In my salon I recommend Kalea Rose Haircare, for home use.

Although there are literally hundreds of products currently on the market, I use the top brand on my clients Kalea Rose hair care. Wash with La Rose Shampoo Sulfate Free Shampoo. A sulfate, paraben, and sodium chloride free shampoo that gently cleanses the hair.  Essential nutrients restore the natural beauty of your hair and balances out deficiencies.  Kalea Rose works on all textures and is especially formulated for color treated hair.

Condition with Kalea Rose Passion Conditioner and Mask Treatment  this is a 2 in 1 treatment.  A double conditioner that adds strength and shine to the hair.  As hair ages, it becomes duller and lifeless due to factors such as stress, environmental exposure, and chemical treatments. Kalea Rose Passion Conditioner is formulated with proteins and amino acids that mimic the “natural moisturizing factor” of healthy skin and hair.  This can be used as a daily conditioner and also a treatment, I highly recommend this to all of my clients!

Blow Dry the hair with Sleek Styling Creme, which will transform unruly hair into smooth, shiney locks. I also recommend after styling give the hair a few sprays of Moon Shine Laminate Gloss. This will create a humidity-resistant barrier that controls your style in high-humidity conditions. Such as in my neck of the woods of South Florida. It also improves hair’s condition as it smoothes the cuticle and eliminates frizz.

When shopping for the right product, keep in mind that you want to choose ones that also deep condition. Now as mentioned, in addition to buying commercial products, you can also make things at home, which also work amazingly well. For example, consider some of the follow recipes:

  • Avocado – Mash one avocado in a bowl, and then mix it with one teaspoon of baking powder and one tablespoon of olive oil. After mixing well, work the mixture into your hair, making sure it is all covered. Leave this on your hair for 15 to 20 minutes, rinsing completely.
  • Strawberry Hair Mask – To condition your hair while giving it a rich gloss, mash eight strawberries in a bowl with one tablespoon of mayonnaise. Next, massage the mixture into clean, damp hair. Cover your entire head with a shower cap or piece of plastic, topped with a warm towel. Leave this on for about 15 to 20 minutes, at which time you want to shampoo and condition your hair.
  • Vitamin E – This vitamin is excellent for producing shiny hair. You can take supplements of simply add foods high in Vitamin E into your diet. Just a few examples would include wheat germ, leafy green vegetables, nuts, and brown rice.

You can also use your blow dryer to create sleek and shiny hair. Instead of spending significant money on high dollar products, you can use inexpensive hair products and your blow dryer to get magnificent results. You will need a towel, a blow dryer, brush and comb, hair barrette or claw-clip, shampoo and conditioner, and just a little bit of hair gel.

Start by shampooing and conditioning your hair. Next, twist it up in the towel to ensure all the excess water is removed. If you have medium to long hair, you might need to leave it wrapped for 20 to 25 minutes whereas for short hair, 10 to 15 minutes would suffice. Then, use a wide-toothed comb to comb out any tangles. When done, part your hair as you normally do.

For the next step, you need to gather your hair, twisting it with the exception of one thing layer at the base of the head. Then with the barrette or clip, pin the hair on top of your head. Now you want to blow dry loose hair. When completely dry, brush your hair out. The clip or barrette can be removed, at which time you blow dry another section of hair. Any damp hair will then be pinned back on top of your head.

Keep drying sections of your hair until it is all dry. Then, brush it out and style, or simply wear it straight. Then, you want to add a small amount of gel into your hands, working it into your hair gently to remove any frizz. For some reason, this technique of drying allows special attention to be paid to various sections of hair and when done, it will have a nice, healthy shine without any uncontrollable frizz.


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Hair Salons in Orlando Florida 32836


Joseph Kellner
Hairdresser – Haircolorist – Makeup Artist

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7250 Kirkman Road
Orlando, Florida 32836

Haircolor/Corrective hair color and also hair design is my speciality! Appointments can be made either by phone or by email. Makeup services are available in the salon. For special ocassions, film, print. Iuse Goldwell hair color, Scruples hair color and Framesi hair color for all salon services. 

 I have 24 years of experience as a Hairdresser/Corrective-Colorist/Makeup artist. And I am also a full time professional makeup artist for network television, print, video, film, corporate and special events. I have my own makeup line JOTOVI mineral makeup. And when I am on location I use Mac/Jotovi makeup. I have also won “Best Haircolor In Orlando” by,,,, Sheknows Magazine!  Appointments Are Necessary!  


Mon – 10:00 – 5:00

Tues – Weds -Thurs – Fri – 10:00 – 8:00

Sat/Sun 9:00 – 5:00


Caring For Highlights

Properly cared for, blonde hair highlights can last as long as three months without retouching, particularly if they are not a drastically different shade than the base hair color. To keep the highlights looking wonderful…


  • Keep hair moisturized with regular conditioners.
  • In the salon we suggest a Chocolate Treatment
  • Kalea hair care products.
  • Haircolor glazes this will help keep the tone even throughout the hair.
  • Goldwell, Scruples, Barex Haircolor.
  • Timely Haircoloring every 6 weeks at the hair salon.




Customer Service?, Haircare Advice, Haircolor Advice, Haircolor and Makeup Advice

How to Detangle Hair

Long, fine hair is especially susceptible to tangles. If you have trouble detangling your long or fine hair, here are some tips From Joseph Kellner in Orlando, Florida 32836.

1. Always, always use Passion conditioner after you shampoo. If you have oily hair (many people with fine hair, do), apply conditioner to the bottom two-thirds of your hair. If you have normal or dry hair, try our leave-in Revive spray conditioner, spray throughout the hair.

2. Always Use a wide-tooth comb. The hard bristles on a brush can tear at hair.

3. Comb from the bottom of hair up. Apply Sleek Styling Lotion and blow-dry!

Revive Leave In Conditioner leaves hair with just the right amount of shine without weighing the hair down. Adds body and volume while it repairs split ends to leave hair looking healthy and ready to style.  Sun filters are also added.

With Rose water, Amino acids, Aloe, Chamomile, Sage, Lemon grass, and Camel grass.

  • Revive Hair Conditioner is a leave-in-penetrating conditioner with amino acids. 
  • Helps prevent split ends .
  • Protects the hair from the suns harmful and damaging rays.
  • Add’s moisture to heal and repair damaged areas.
  • Renews Strength and Elasticity.