Dr. Phillips, Florida 32819 haircolor advice for the consumer!

“Which hair color works best on grays?”  If it is done right, permanent hair color doesn’t damage hair and it’s the best way to cover gray, that’s what it’s made for. If you’re concerned that your hair will get damaged from coloring it too often, simply touch up your roots when needed — no need to color the entire strand. If you dye it from roots to ends every time, your ends will gradually become more saturated and you’ll end up with unintentional two-tone hair.

“I touched up my gray roots a week and a half ago and within a week they were already lighter than the rest of my hair. I already use color-treated shampoo and conditioner.” It sounds like you’re using the wrong color when doing the roots. Hair color should last three to six weeks or until the roots start to grow out. The ashier the color, the less gray coverage. The warmer the color, the better for covering grays.  Also, be sure that you’re using a permanent color that’s intended for covering gray because semi-permanent color simply can’t offer the same coverage. And, continue using color-treated hair products in the shower because they will help keep color truer longer in our salon we use Kalea Rose Haircare!

“I have really dark hair and I’m considering coloring it red. What’s the healthiest and most effective way to get the specific hue that I want? Should I go to a professional or buy a box at the drugstore?” The best way to get the right hair color is to go to a professional.  If you pick the wrong red shade you (or we) may not be able to get it out or fix it. And, when it comes to choosing the hue. When you go red, it should be a red that appears naturally, not a red that appears on a clown or a vegetable. Look for coppery, cinnamon, strawberry and auburn reds. Avoid aubergine, cherry, orange and pumpkin hues. If it doesn’t appear in [natural hair color], it won’t appear natural on you. Never use store bought hair color.

“How can you extend the life of hair color while combating dandruff? I haven’t found an anti-dandruff shampoo that doesn’t cause my hair to fade.” Unfortunately, all anti-dandruff shampoos cause color fading, because they are like a medicine for your scalp. The only way to extend the life of any hair color is to use the right [color-formulated] shampoo and conditioner. But, I recommend asking your doctor how long you need to use the anti-dandruff formula and to inquire whether there are other options for treating it.

 “Can I get highlights if I’ve already dyed my hair?” This is absolutely an acceptable practice. In fact, for most clients, I color them and, highlight them at the same time. Highlighting color-treated hair is that “it looks more natural.”

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