Coordinating Your New Hair Color with Your Makeup!

It’s pretty obvious that going from blonde to brunette or vice-versa may require a change in the colors you use for your makeup. Not all makeup palette colors go well with all hair colors and sometimes it can be hard to break the habit of using colors you’re accustomed to. Clear up the confusion once and for all with these simple steps.

Whether you’re aware of it or not, changing the color of your lovely locks can actually change the way your complexion appears. Before deciding to change your hair color, figure out whether you can live with switching up your makeup palette. If you’re near and dear to the colors you’ve been using you may want to give yourself some more time to think over coloring your hair. Or be sure to get a temporary dye job so that if you can’t adjust to your new makeup and hair colors, you can simply wash out the color and go back to what you know best.

Ready to go all in? Then make sure to take note of the following hair colors and what makeup colors suit them best:

This type of hair color can make many complexions look pale so toss any pastels and other pale shades that can make you look more washed out. Add deeper colors of blush to your cheeks and lips to make them stand out against your complexion in a flattering way. Great lip colors to look into are brownish pinks, rosy pinks, rosy browns and bluish reds. Neutral shades of browns and mochas look great on the eyes for a dramatic or soft and sexy look.

Since these shades create a warm complexion, you’ll want your makeup to do the same. Eye makeup colors should include taupe, greens, reddish and dark browns. Add a touch of rosy brown, apricot or medium brown shades of blush to your cheeks and stick to reds, pinks, peach, light brown and brownish pink colors for your lips.

No matter what shade of blonde you choose, you’ll want to go for softer, pastel colors when it comes to your makeup palette. Stay away from dark shades of blush, lipstick and eye shadow as well as black eyeliner, which can be too harsh. Instead go for bone, ash, pale pink eye shadow colors, and dark brown eyeliner and mascara. For your lips, medium pinkish tones, peach and rose look best. Pale pinks and peachy pink shades of blush work well for the cheeks.

For those who can pull it off, going gray can give you a sexy and sophisticated look. However, this choice of hair color can also wash out your complexion. Brighten up your face by using lively colors in cool tones. White and gray eye shadows look best, along with slate or navy eyeliner. For the lips, shades of coral, reds, and pinks work well and stick to soft pinks, apricots and red shades of blush.

While coordinating your hair color and makeup color, don’t forget your eyebrows. For subtle hair color changes, you can simply use powder or brow pencil to switch up your brow color. If you’ve gone through a drastic hair color switch you may want to look into asking a professional colorist to dye your brows to match your new hair color.

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