Joseph Kellner Haircolor advice in Orlando, Florida

When it comes to color, make sure you know what’s up. Joseph Kellner defines these phrases to avoid any trauma for you and your client.

Paper Thin Highlights: The subtlest form of highlights – more of a glisten than a noticeable line.

Gloss:  Shiny overlay on the hair.  Usually a finishing product for hair color and styling.

Glaze:  Semipermanent product used for adding shine and for protecting hair color from fading.

Color Bath:  Color applied over lathered up hair to adhear to pourous areas like faded hair, or to blend a highlight.

Fillers: These are used to even out hair color before using a permanent color.

 Oxidation:  A chemical change in hair color caused by air.  This usually results in the the yellowing of bright highlights.

 Dimensional Color:  Color that brings out the movement of a haircut.

Tipping: A lightening technique done by freehand with color.  Usually this technique is reserved for the ends of the hair or tips. When speaking to you client please, please make sure you are both on the same page before starting a haircolor service. Communication is a must. It can also save your ASS!