Lets step it up Guys!!!!

 Joseph Kellner Haircolorist Receives 2012 Best of Orlando Award
The idea of men taking care of themselves should be perceived from a healthy open-minded point of view, as it is also a part of preservation of health and life. Men feel the pressure to look good. We live in a world where the impression we make has a huge impact on others and the opportunities we can make for ourselves. Caring about the appearance is not just about gong to the salon regularly to look neat. There is a lot more to it! Here is some professional advice from me to get you started on a well-balanced regime of grooming!

Skin Care

Skin care is an important part of a daily regime that should not take too much time if one decides to do it regularly. Begin with a good sunscreen to keep avoid skin disasters that come with ultra violet rays. A good quality soap and moisturizer are the two main ways you can improve the look of your skin. A good moisturizer has vitamin E that improves the quality of skin, and retinol helps to keep the skin wrinkle free. A medicated soap is a good way to avoid acne, however if the problem of acne gets too bad then one should seek the advice from a  dermatologist, who will help to cure the problem with antibiotics and ointments.  Never pick a mole. if one looks suspicious or is bothersome, your dermatologist can remove it with a very simple procedure. Know your skin and look for suspicious changes. Visit your dermatologist annually for a complete examination. 


Facial Hair

Facial hair is another feature that women and employers like to see taken care of.  A shabby beard is the last thing anyone will want to see on your face. Either have them nicely trimmed or have it all removed.  Another thing is to have your eyebrows clean and in shape.


Finger Nails 

The state of your hands tells a lot about your general cleanliness and hygiene, so don’t let your grubby fingernails give you away.  Getting a  weekly manicure to keep your hands in good shape is a must for me, and I would highly advise it for you! No one wants to be touched with jagged-edged fingernails. Plus getting your manicure is pretty darn relaxing!

Don’t let your hair be a distraction

Please, Please get rid of ear and nose hairs.  For trimming nose hairs, use small scissors to trim them. The hair in your nose does actually serve several useful biological purposes, so I don’t recommend removing it all completely. For ear hair use tweezers to pluck every last strand out, and run you razor around the outside perimeter of the ear also. Also get up close and personal with the hair on the back. If the amount of hair on your back is in any way comparable to what you have on your chest, it’s a sign you need to wax or take a razor to that area.


Clean Hair  is a must

Clean and healthy looking hair is also important. Keep the hair style in a well-groomed cut, and if the hair is long have it trimmed regularly. Also if the hair is short try to keep the neck hair trimmed regularly also. Keeping your hair healthy is very important. Make sure you don’t have a dirty scalp or you will end up with the big “D”, Dandruff. If you do have dandruff your first step  is to head to the drug store to look for a product that contains zinc pyrithione and use it regularly until your problem subsides. By using this product you will see a dramatic effect on your scalp situation. And always rinse the hair out well, sometimes you can leave shampoo in the hair and it will dry and cause flakes to appear in your hair. Some people will consider this dandruff.