Kadus Hair-Color Wins Over Me With The V-Series.

I have a client who is a model and needs to change her hair color very often. In doing so she was looking for a hair color for a fall photo-shoot in the Red family. She was a Level 9 with golden and amber low-lights. Basically I cleansed the hair with a strong clarifying shampoo and let settle to dry. Placing my hair-color formula on the new-growth which was only 2 inches wide. I used a Level 3 and also a Level 5 in the V series of Kadus. With a accent color of a Level 4R. After that application I remixed a fresh formula for the shaft and ends of the hair. Processed the normal manufacturing time 40 minutes. Excellent results as you can see.  After the completion of the service I added a Pravana Color Wash to the hair. In the R Family.  I Trimmed the hair and wallah here you go!

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