Schwarzkopf Gliss Hair Repair Good Stuff

Joseph Kellner

Hair may lose its luster due to various conditions. Stress, vitamin deficiency, hard water or UV rays are causes for dull looking hair and so is improper hair care and styling. Only healthy hair with smooth outer cuticles will reflect light. It is this light reflection to which hair owes its deep shine. Shampoo can help restore this shine, especially specific shampoos for shiny hair. Stress and structural deficiencies or damage to the cuticles will dull the natural luster of hair.

Joseph Kellner

I have used the GLISS Shampoo for the last thirty days and have only good reviews for the product. It works well on color treated hair and also non colored treated hair. The product has a lovely scent to it. And there is tons of lathering from the shampoo. I use it on a daily basis. The conditioner is also well to use, giving  the hair a soft feeling and no waxy finish after rinsing. It also makes combing out the hair a lot easier than other shampoo’s. It also works well on colored treated hair. Without adding any fading to the hair color. Basically shampoo is just a soap to clean the scalp and I don’t see any build up from the product on my scalp or my clients either. Condition is also a cleanser for the hair which should be put on the shaft to ends of the hair. To much conditioner on the scalp will cause a greasy feeling and will be harder to blow out. Just apply to mid shaft and work through and rinse. Excellent !!!

But if you want added conditioning to the hair, leave on longer for a added luster.

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