Hair Care – Hair Care – Hair Care!

Joseph Kellner

Hair can become dry looking and loose pretty much all shine. Especially when the hair is over colored. Maintaining hair color and also leaving it with shine can be a nightmare. It comes to me working in a salon and the expectations of all clients can be so unreal at times. Photo-shopped photographs are a day in and day out experience and asking for unreal expectations during a one time appointment is shocking. But there will be stylists who cannot say no and will end up in my salon chair doing corrective hair coloring. Here are some tips if you have colored treated hair. Colored treated can and will lose its luster and shine if the hair is overly colored. I recommend to you less peroxide hair coloring THAN WHAT IT NEEDED.

Condition your hair after every shine shampoo. Shampoos weaken the hair’s outer cuticle layer while conditioners help to restore their natural smooth configuration.

Hair needs to be healthy to show its natural luster. The regular use of hair conditioners, shine shampoos and treatments goes a long way toward keeping the luster in your hair

The hair ends are especially prone to a loss of luster. If using a shine shampoo doesn’t help, cutting the hair ends regularly is a very efficient remedy for dull looking ends.

Also avoid stress to your hair structure as much as possible. Hair accessories such as scrunchies and bobby pins can harm the hair structure and dull your hair. Improper brushing or brushing too frequently also reduces the hair’s natural luster and steals the shine shampoo provides.

Use extra-gloss hairspray after styling. Modern styling products contains light-reflecting ingredients and can provide instant luster in conjunction with shiny hair shampoo.

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