Coordinating Makeup and Hair Colors

There are plenty of tips available to help you to select the perfect makeup colors for you. Some advise you to look at the inside of your wrist and determine the undertones that you see. Undertones? For some of us, detecting those subtle blues or yellows can be much harder than it sounds. Other advice directs us to select our coloring based on a season of the year. Another piece of wisdom that falls short for many who can’t tell the difference between a spring and winter palette. If you are concerned that you may be getting colorblind when it comes to picking those makeup hues, here’s an easy solution. Why not choose your makeup shades around your hair color?

Colors for Blondes

Although blondes can have skin tones that range from the fairest porcelain to a rich olive, most with this hair color will find that pink and rose hues in makeup will fit the bill more often than not. Beware of rich, deep colors that will provide too much contrast between your complexion and your tresses. Opt instead for paler shades with a hint of glimmer to make your face truly sparkle. Pinks, mauves and cool peaches will look the best on the lips and cheeks. Eyes can sparkle in a range of taupes, greys, pinks and plums, depending on your eye color and your wardrobe selections.

Colors for Brunettes

Brunettes have the good fortune of being able to wear the greatest variety in makeup shades. Because this hair color usually includes darker eyebrows and lashes to accentuate this feature, they can also often get away with wearing less makeup than their lighter-toned counterparts. For lips and cheeks, brunettes can go with the deeper hues of berry, plum, terracotta and even red. Eyes can look great in a wide range of colors, including all shades of brown, bronzes, blues, greens and plums. There are few shades that brunettes need to shy away from, but try to stick with colors that contain brown undertones for the most flattering look.

Colors for Redheads

The combination of fair skin and red tresses is truly gorgeous all by itself, but add some green eye shadow to the mix and you have an absolutely striking color palette. When it comes to blush and lipstick, look to the warm hues like coral and bronze that will make the most of your ruddy undertones. Terracotta and cinnamon are other shades that will look beautiful on a redhead. While green may be the obvious choice for eyes, try eggplant, copper or sable for variety.

Choosing your makeup shades doesn’t have to be as complicated as it seems. Take a look at your hair color, and select your shades accordingly. KISS – Keep it simple, sugar, and look gorgeous

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