How Often Do I Shampoo?

We hear this frequently. Truly, shampoo is shampoo…and should work regardless of how long you use it. However, many times, we chose the wrong shampoo for our type of hair…or we chose a “cheaper” shampoo that will either leave a residue on the hair, or doesn’t work well enough to remove the residue of styling products. Over and above the daily brushing, it is necessary to remove from the hair dirt and all the secretions of sebaceous glands which accumulate on the scalp. The process of shampoo is divided in two portions so that you lather twice and rinse after each lather. Rinse thoroughly in plenty of water (preferably rain water) until the hair squeaks when you rub it with your fingers.

Now the question arises how often you must shampoo. Women are advised to shampoo once every 8 to 10 days for normal hair, once every fortnight for dry hair and once every, 5 to 8 days for oily hair. I would like to mention that too frequent washing of hair, however good the quality of the shampoo used, can in the long run cause damage to the hair. There is at present in the market quite a large selection of products ranging from ordinary soaps to medicated shampoos. Buy these products preferably from a chemists shop or a reputed general store.

There is a large variety of liquid shampoos presently available in the market. These synthetic detergents were developed during 1939-40. These soapless shampoos, whether used in hard water or soft water, leave no white deposit on the hair when dry. They also clean the hair more thoroughly due to their greater lathering and emulsifying power. Do not use ordinary household detergents to wash the hair. These are crude, very alkaline and can act as an irritant. Manufacturers usually add to the refined detergents soapless shampoo, perfume and other products such as lanolin and lecithin to render the hair supple and glossy after washing.

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