Hair Color for 2012 For Brunettes and Blondes From Joseph Kellner

Soon 2012 will be upon us and as early as now it won’t hurt to look into what would be the trendiest short hair colors for the coming year. Hair color is such a great opportunity to change a look and knowing what hair colors are trendy and hot for 2012 will give you a lot of options to choose from, if and when you decide you want a new look for this coming year.  Brunette hair color comes in a wide selection of rich color that ranges from chocolate to caramel. It is also a great preference for a hair color because it provides a lot of options not only in different shades, hues and tints but also in the diverse looks it generates that will flatter almost all facial features, shapes and skin tones.

Warm tones for short hair
For fall/winter 2011/2012 warm tones are tremendously popular, it is predicted that its popularity will extend all the way to late 2012. Deep mahogany brown and burgundy or flaming red as well as the softer colors of blonde will be the more sought-after hair colors for next year. Several shades of the same color or sometimes of contrasting colors that provides more depth and definition to the hair will also be very much in demand. It is always recommended to not lift the hair color more than 2 levels from its natural color. When doing more than 2-3 levels make sure your clients use the right hair care products, I recommend Passion Shampoo and conditioner by Kalea Rose. Lifting the hair more than 2-3 levels will produce a drying affect, and if your stylist says it wont , don’t believe them!

Vivid, bold colors for short hair
2012 might yet be the year of vivid bold hair colors. Purple, green, pink, blue and red mixed with blondes, reds. Blacks and browns are an emerging preference in hair coloring. This could be the influence of some of the most fashion-forward celebrities that most women try to emulate.  A short brunette hairstyle is a perfect combination that gives definition to both the darker shades and the short cut. It is a fabulous hairstyle with a lot of texture that flaunts a multi-faceted, rich color. Each lock or piece of hair looks as if it absorbs and produces the mix of highlights and lowlights. A brunette is the perfect match for a short hairstyle.

Ash brown hair
Gray or ash brown hair is one surprising hair color trend for 2012 made popular on the runway and by models as well as the wealthy leading lights of fashion and being replicated by celebrities and lately even by ordinary and average women. Brunette hair looks much better with multi-tones, lowlights and highlights to make it shine in almost any kind of light. A great way to add dimension to a short brunette hairstyle is to add milk chocolate tones or chestnut tones on the ends and mid-lengths of the hair. Another great short brunette hairstyle is an inverted bob in pearl black or deep brunette. The colors are so luxurious and a lot of women will die to get the colors because it looks incredibly healthy and shiny keeping this sheen. It is good to use Kalea Rose Passion conditioner twice a week for moisturizing and conditioning the hair, and it can also be used for the beach. Just damp the hair and apply a quarter size amount to the mid-shaft and ends of the hair and enjoy your day! The warm sunshine will help the conditioner penetrate the cuticle and maintain that glorious sheen to the hair.

Hair Color Trends for Blondes

Surely, there was once in your life when you wanted to be a dizzy blonde. It is the ultimate in hair color glamour that brings to mind the likes of Marilyn Monroe, the most celebrated blond goddess. Luckily, there are enough blonde shades to choose from, and surely there will be a shade that will suit your skin tone. Blonde hair gives hair a very bouncy and lively quality and with shades ranging from platinum to golden to strawberry blonde and more, women have a whole range of shades to choose from.  And blonde hair is the color in Florida, I do a lot of dimensional blondes, bright buttery blondes. Neutral shades are the request, mainly because of the women being in the sunshine and the ocean. Either way using a salon product is the best way to go to keep the tonal value of the Blonde hair color. I recommend Kalea Rose Hair Care. My clients enjoy the light fragrances, and the moisturizing effects it has on highlighted hair.

If you’re contemplating going blonde, why not go the whole route and get yourself a short blonde hairstyle. Short hairstyles are hot and trendy for some time now and from all indications, will continue to be very popular all the way to 2012. The combination of short haircut and blonde hair color is superb. The beauty of a short blonde hairstyle, aside from its being stunningly striking is its easy styling and maintenance. The light color of a blonde hair showcases the gorgeousness of a short hairstyle. Blonde hair, any shade of blonde, will have a fresh and pristine look with a short hairstyle. And it will look more stunning with different shades of blonde combined together in one head of short hair.

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