Joseph Kellner Recommends KINSTYLE GELLIN Is A Thumbs For Me To Use In Florida Humidity!

Joseph Kellner Hair Salon

In Florida we have a lot of humidity and when I am working outside I rely on a product that will give volume when it is needed. Now Normally I go to a dry shampoo and this time I decided to use a new product from Kin Cosmetics.  The product is called KINSTYLE GELLIN. this product is a leave in gel to use for volume.  Or so that is what I used it for. A quarter size if the amount I used on fine thin hair, and it worked perfectly on fine hair and medium hair to give me volume.   The product was a clear gel with not to much fragrance to it. It was not sticky or hard to manage while I was cutting the hair. This also is a great cutting tool. Simply blow dry and style using thermal wands and off you go.  The volume that came with this application was tremendous.  The feel of the hair after the blow dry was not sticky or set feeling. I recommend this product if you have fine to medium hair. And also if you are using it for set work and design work.  And most of all it held up to the Florida humidity. Which means that is a thumbs up for when I am working on set.