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Hair Glaze

Hair Glazing works by coating the outside (cuticle) layers of hair with color. It also has some ability to penetrate the cuticle and spread into the cortex underneath. Most temporary hair color gradually fades away over the course of approximately six to 12 shampoos. Using a harsher shampoo will cause them to fade faster. The other bonus is that these hair colors don’t cause as much damage as permanent hair color, and they create shinier-looking hair. I highly recommend hair glazing for all of my hair coloring services in the salon. Goldwell, Framesi, Scruples hair color is what I use in my day-to-day hair coloring activities. The benefits of hair glazing, is sheen, luster and amazing conditioning of the hair while holding an even tone throughout! And also without damaging the hair color without the damaging effects of ammonia and peroxide.