Joseph Kellner Tips for Dry Hair

If you’ve lightened, dyed, straightened or permed your hair, or even if you blow it dry regularly, it can become dry and brittle. Over-processed hair can suffer from split ends and damage to the cuticle, which makes it break easily and appear dull. To heal and protect your hair, try these simple techniques that can help it regain its luster and length.

Be Gentle

The best thing you can do for overprocessed hair is to cut back on harsh treatments. Joseph Kellner’s soon to be published book to healthy hair recommends that you avoid hot styling tools. “All that combing, blow-drying, and straightening can take their toll on your hair.”  You should avoid coloring, perms and chemical treatments, and even protect your hair from the sun, until it regains its health. I highly recommend Kalea Rose Passion Treatments mixed also with  Kalea Rose Argenia Oil for weekly home hair care treatments.

Use a Mild Shampoo

Shampoo twice a week. Joseph recommends using products that contain moisturizing ingredients. A gentle shampoo such as La Rose sulfate free shampoo will help your hair retain the natural oil it needs to keep from drying out. When shampooing, avoid “overscrubbing.” And  you should apply conditioner to the ends of your hair before you shampoo, so they are better protected and easier to work the product throughout the hair. This will help eliminate breakage from over shampooing!

Condition and Oil

“Condition, condition, condition,” Joseph Kellner advises. Even on days when you don’t shampoo, rinse your hair and apply conditioner, or use a leave-in formula such as Kalea Rose Revive leave-in conditioner. But realize that your hair can absorb only a limited amount of conditioner. Using a large amount is not necessary. On a weekly basis, I recommend a mixture of Kalea Rose Passion conditioner and Argania oil as a home hair care treatment.  Warm it up, massage it into your hair and scalp, and let sit at least half an hour to replenish your hair’s shine. You can also use Argania oil for blow drying!

Get a Trim

A haircut can help your hair’s overall health. While you wait for the damaged area to grow out, keep your ends trimmed to reduce your chance of split ends. Split ends occur when your hair cuticle becomes damaged, and they can travel up the strand to give you frizzy hair.

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