Special Engagement Hair in Orlando, Florida Joseph Kellner


Got a formal event coming up and not sure what to do with your hair? Nobody wants to head into a hair salon without an idea of what they want done and, if it’s something special like a wedding or formal event, it’s good to know what you like and what you think will suit your attire. As you aren’t likely to be attending a formal event every evening, it’s hard to get enough experience to be confident in what hairstyle you do want. Knowing what looks good and doing a bit of research is the best way to find a ‘do’ that suits you perfectly.

Great Hairstyles for Formal Events

Like with day-to-day hairstyles and cuts, what looks good is going to depend primarily on your face shape and what’s popular. Long-gone are the days of needing a perm to be fashionable – it seems like the 2000s ushered in a whole new era of ‘anything-goes’, meaning there are plenty of great looking, varied styles that you can choose from. Read on for a few ideas of how to make your hair look great for any occasion, and remember to talk to your hair salon’s stylist about the more intricate ways to dress up your style.

For Long Hair

Curls are big at the moment and, when you have long, flowing hair, can be great at bringing out your best features. They are a perfect way to frame the face, giving you a completely different look without having to make radical changes. The added texture will be fantastic with that new dress and, if you normally have straight or wavy hair, the noticeable change is sure to turn a few heads.

For Medium Hair

Wearing your hair up in a bun or clutched at the back can be the perfect start to your formal hairstyle. Adding flowers or pins that match your dress is an excellent way to further coordinate and tie your outfit together. A French plait or simple braids can add more interest and texture, especially if you have a wider face.

For Short Hair

Some people worry that there is no good formal hairstyle for shorter hair, but with a bit of mousse or styling product you can create a fantastic short, straight and gorgeous look with ease. Let your hair accentuate your facial features and style around them – bob and pixie cuts are popular at the moment and look amazing with very little effort.

If you have an event coming up then have a look online and in magazines for formal hairstyles that you think will suit you. Remember to pay close attention to what works with what face shape and get some idea of what you’re after before you visit your stylist.