Top hair colorist in orlando Joseph Kellner Loves Vo5 conditioning creme!

When I have celebrity clients visit for hair color and hair designing they trust the products I use and know they will leave the Joseph Kellner salon with luxurious hair. That is why I like to use Alberto Vo5 for all of my finishing work in the salon and the film set!.

Hair colorist in orlando joseph kellner

With all the natural vitamins I highly recommend Vo5 in your stylist case for all your editorial and film work. Vo5 keeps my clients hair soft, smooth and frizz free! You want to make sure your client’s are camera ready for the shoot and looking there best. This is a staple for all of my finishing work in the salon and a great tried and true beauty crème. Just a dab will do you, don’t over use the product.

Made For Hollywood. Trusted In Homes.

The name VO5 comes from the 5 Vitamin Oils that are included in every product and are essential for healthy, beautiful hair. The effects of Florida weather and chemically treat hair makes V05 the number one product to use for fly away hairs. Giving the hair a smooth and brilliant sheen.

top hair colorist in orlando joseph kellner
Amy Johnson – Joseph Kellner is the best hair guy in the business! I have been to him twice now and have been blown away by his work! I am a natural red head and have been getting blonde highlights for over 15 years. I told him I wanted to go back to my natural color and at the end of the service I had received exactly what I wanted and so much more! Not only is he a great stylist, he is a great person as well! He truly knows what he is doing and I will never go to another hair stylist! His prices are very reasonable as well. Thanks Joseph for everything and I truly appreciate my new hair and the great conversation!

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