Coloring your eyebrows can completely transform your face. Done properly, you can absolutely safely color, dye, lighten or darken your eyebrows.  I do it all the time in the salon.  Except I use cool colors for my lifting if I need it, or deposit only color if there is grey in the eyebrows.  There is little hazard in doing this service in the salon.  Brow tinting is a fairly safe treatment. The worst that can happen is mild irritation if the peroxide gets in your eyes.

Brows that are a totally different color from your hair are a dead giveaway that your hair color is not natural. So I say, go for it. Here are some tips for safe and effective brow tinting:

  • This is not a do-it-yourself project. At-home kits contain bleach, which can turn your brows reddish. I always use a cool or ash color especially if I am lifting the brow base color.
  • Most hairstylists are not brow coloring experts. Always use someone with experience in brow tinting. Call ahead to find out if the stylist does brows or if they can recommend someone who does.  Get your brows done when you get your hair done or right after. It’s easier for the stylist to find the right match.  Lightening the brows by just one shade can lift the face and make it appear fresher and less harsh.  Aging brows can be sparse. Darkening them can actually give the face definition.  Redheads in particular need their brows to complement their hair.
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