Always Be Honest To Your Hairdresser

There’s a reason why when you enter the salon that your hairdresser will ask you all these seemingly unnecessary questions… “What shampoo and conditioner are you using at home?” “Oh, L’Oréal Professional or Paris?” What we’re really wanting to know is: WHAT PRODUCTS ARE YOU USING ON YOUR HAIR BECAUSE WE SMELLED IT THE MINUTE YOU SAT DOWN!
Supermarket products are quite literally coming under fire lately for causing almost irreversible damage to the undiscerning consumer. We, as stylists don’t try and steer you to use professional salon quality products on your hair to meet salon targets, but because we genuinely care deeply for your hair’s health. If we’ve spent 3 hours on your personalized color, we want to ensure you’re using the correct shampoos/conditioners suited to your hair, to keep that sexy balayage looking fresh until you’re next in our chair. Think about it – you wouldn’t wash your Gucci dress in Morning Fresh dish washing liquid, you’ll send that bad gal to the best dry cleaners in town!
Here’s a few reasons WHY we’re so flipping’ adamant on getting you guys off supermarket and chemist brands:
1. They cause hazardous side effects during the coloring process
2. The build-up of parabens and silicone’s that make contact with bleach or hi-lift colors react and can cause the hair to literally melt and turn into a steamy liquid
3. Can cause scalp burns and hair breakage
4. Strips color
5. Removes hydration from hair therefore resulting in color fading
We really encourage you to be as honest as you can with us when we’re consulting prior to your hair service. Let us know if you’ve changed up at-home products recently or have changed up any medications – which can also result in a chemical reaction… because, honestly, within 5 minutes we’ll find out! Because your hair will be SMOKING.. And not the good kind.