Three Ways To Update Your Color!

Three Ways to Update Your Hair Color!


Don’t try to cover up the color you were born with. Enhance it. Work with your colorist to figure out what hues are hidden below your surface. The idea is to find shades in your hair color’s family and bring out the warm, rich tones by adding more of that color. For example, if you have dark brown hair, chances are you also have some auburn/red in the mix. Bring those tones out by adding lowlights all over but always remember the under-tones of the customers hair. If you are going to warm up the base color after your highlights have been completed use a Green based tint and 20 or 30 volume to control the warmth. Never leave your formula on longer than 5 minutes after your application. You will acheive beautiful and natural base colors with this method.  ALWAYS USE A GREEN BASE COLOR!

Look to The Stars For Shades

Check out celebrities wearing the  hair color you covet, and observe how they switch their shades for the season, NEVER BE A COPY-CAT! Stay within one or two shades (darker or lighter) of your current or natural hue. And always remember you are dealing with artifical hair color the color will hold true for 2-3 weeks and then the fadage process will begin to appear. I recommend La Rose shampoo for cleansing the hair and preventing unwanted hair color fadage. La Rose Shampoo is a mild sulfate free shampoo, with coconut oil that gently cleanses the hair.  Essential nutrients restore the natural beauty of your hair and balances out deficiencies.

Now Customize It!

Now that you’ve narrowed down the shade you like, bring the photo along on your consultation so you and your stylist can develop a personalized look.  It’s also smart to ask questions. Talk about the colors in your wardrobe — are you more browns, grays or blacks? Pastels or bold colors? This will help inform how much of what color is placed where. Always remember to use the proper hair care for you hair color. In my salon we recommend Kalae Rose Hair Care. Weekly treatments are necessary for color treated hair, Kalea Rose Passion is the best you can use on the hair for treatments. Passion Conditioner is formulated with proteins and amino acids that mimic the “natural moisturizing factor” of healthy skin and hair. This product can be used as a daily conditioner and aslo as a weekly at home treatment. Follow up with Sleek Cream for a smooth luxurious finish. Sleek Cream leaves hair shiny and soft without heavy oils and build up.

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