Orlando, Florida Haircolorist Joseph Kellner Consumer Advice



A.  Treatments ensure that the rebuilding of the cuticle of the hair is done in a timely fashion. When the hair follicle has been broken down by improper hair coloring or improper home hair care, it needs to be nourished. When the hair is in its best shape, constant hair color changes can happen but when the health of the hair is disregarded, tone of the artificial hair color will not hold. That is when we fight hair color fadage. Shampoos and conditioners are very important. A home remedy for hair treatments can be done using Almond oil. An oil pack is one way of helping too-dry hair. Don’t use olive oil; Poly unsaturated oils penetrate into the hair shaft better than olive oil. Wrap your head in a hot, damp towel and leave the oil pack on for a couple of hours, then shampoo. Don’t forget your finishing rinse or protein conditioner.

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